Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DAY 23

Today has been a very long day. I have been working pretty hard all day.

First, I finished up #12 which is below. I only needed to do a little bit more on it and then add the circles and then trim it.

Then came #13. This piece worked right along and got finished pretty quickly (well, finished enough to take home)

And then, I started cutting out my batting to lengths and found that I was going to be two short. That sent me into a depression (probably because I was getting tired and this was discouraging because doing these at home is going to be hard) so I worked on three 12 x 12" pieces which are all ready for backing and edging.

So I toddled down to Virginia's and found one piece of batting that I had given her which is big enough and a couple of half pieces that I can probably put together to make one last piece. I have lost count so many times that I really won't know how many I have batting for until I am all done.

So then, it was time to work on #14, below, which has been trimmed and ready to go.

I also spent time getting stuff packed up and now have five boxes ready to go to the post office tomorrow with two other boxes almost ready. I have decided that my quilts are getting packed in lutrador in my large suitcase...since they aren't finished quilts, I don't think anyone would give them a second glance...just fabric and batting, which will also be in that suitcase. Oh, the end is getting near.

Friday night we are going to Round Top for dinner and a quilt show. That will be lots of fun and a good diversion!

Going to hit the sack and read and go to sleep, and then be ready to get going nice and early


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, I can't believe this good stuff is coming to an end for you. I've been reading the blog, and participating vicariously, as well as being one of the throng of visitors. Going to Round Top is an excellent way to end the trip. Frances Holliday Alford, Kay Sorenson, Leslie Jensen and I went there last Sunday afternoon on Karey's recommendation. It is a fabulous restaurant. It's such a contradiction; a funky little place that looks like a greasy spoon, but is in reality a gourmet restaurant. I bought their book as a gift, and read it, of course, before I send it off tomorrow, and the story of the restaurant is really interesting. Enjoy the meal. We also saw a preview of the quilt show. Ahem. This is a fiber art show, a really good one! It's in a charming, fine little gallery. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your process with us in pictures. Now I get it! I love this series you are working on. It would be nice to see all of them together when you are done.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How time flies when you have been having fun and fun I have been having reading and learning from you. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, processes, and artwork. Your artwork is fabulous. Cheers, Jeannie

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...


What kind of batting do you need? I remember what you were using was very thin. I might be able to locate some before the gallery show opening. Not a lot of time today though.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Liz, this is so exciting ... to see your individual pieces as they develop. Fabuloso! I only had a little glimpse of your creataive process during Rayna Gillman's Surface Design class in Houston a couple of years ago. (Remember our little wine party?)

I have some Quilters Dream batting which may work for you, and can bring it to you at the Round Top show Friday night, if you can use it ... I'll email you at your regular email address.


Anonymous said...

I love how your many fans are contributing materials to your creative process. I can't believe that your time is almost up. Seems like you just got there!!

cfent said...

i love the lines on #14..
(and of course i love the color pallette!) are y'all getting ready to leave already? the month has flown by... i'm going to miss your posts!

Rayna said...

How could this month have gone so quickly? What a delicous body of work are bringing home. It will be difficult to get back to real life. I, too, will miss your posts about this adventure.

Anonymous said...

I love your new work. How exciting for you. I will look forward to seeing it in person, I hope soon