Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally my county commission work

I have just received the  professional images of the three pieces that Alameda County Arts Commission commissioned me for the Juvenile Justice Center. I haven't seen these pieces since last June and the photos I had taken just did not show the detail. I am blown away by the true color of these photographs and the very sharp, clear detail. These are all about 50" by 40" and one is 50" x 36". The process was a long one to go through and there is another call for the registry but since I had this commission, I am not eligible for this upcoming one...but there will be more, I am sure!

I have been extremely busy babysitting my 2 year old grandson for the past six weeks while his regular babysitter has been off on maternity leave. This past Monday was his first day back with is very quiet around the house (which I am enjoying) and we went over to my daughter's last night for dinner and to see both boys. During this past six weeks I have spent almost no time in the studio except for one afternoon when I took the five year old down to learn how to use the sewing machine. I have pictures on my phone and will upload them later.

I have done a little bit of playing with my Pfaff embellisher and like what it does, especially the texture created when working with silk...very interesting possibilities but so far I haven't had enough time to really get in to it.  But time will arrive in January!

I was down at the studio was in the high 50's outside and not much warmer on the inside. I don't have heating nor cooling so there are some times during the year when it is just too uncomfortable to be down there.

Oh well, more to share later...and this time I won't be gone for so long. I have continued to think a lot about my art and read a lot and have come up with some realizations that I will share with you shortly.