Thursday, March 31, 2005

Creativity and feedback

I have come to realize that I need far more that adulation...not that I ever get it! What I mean is that when people tell me, oh your work is wonderful, as usual, etc that sounds really nice but doesn't give me the feedback I really need. I was talking to Fr. Rob today (who is not only my spiritual guide but also my art guide as the two are connected!) and I realized that what I need in a response from people is about what they get out of it...just how does it impact them? How do they respond? Not necessarily an art critique but more about a personal response.

Last week I went to my religion class and it was my turn to do worship. I brought along nine little pieces of my work and asked people to meditate on them and consider God and how creativity and God might all come together. The responses were just wonderful. They were able to see all sorts of interesting things in those little pieces.

Matthew Fox, in his book, Creativity, has so many points that I have my own little book full of quotes from his book. I also have quotes all around me, not just by him but by other people as well. They also show up in my art journal for me to contemplate...but I'm running on...Matthew Fox says "Dance with the rhythms of creativity, don't sit on the sidelines seeking to control it."
Right now I am working on including some kind of message via words in the monoprints. I showed Fr. Rob and he really helped me to understand that putting a string of text doesn't do it but the words (and not all the words need to be there to get the message across) need to be an intergral part of the design itself. Duh, why didn't I remember that?

So back I am. I was working with part of a quote which said "And the Word became flesh and lived among us" (Can you tell Easter was just here?) So, those are just part of the words but I put them all on. So, in thinking about what Rob said, I can reduce it down even futher to "The Word" and "lives" both worked into the design and not just popping out at you...something more contemplative. Which then brings up all sorts of ideas for collaging onto this fabric. Ah, the mind is starting to race.

Another quote from good ole Matthew Fox "Imagination takes us to nothingness, to emptiness, to what is not yet and therefore to what might still be." Give that some thought!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Is Anybody Out There?

I know exactly how Teri felt...feed back is really important. I guess I do this blog for a couple of is to journal what I am doing in a way that is much faster than working in my art journal (which I still do) but then I also put stuff out there for feedback. This is especially important with my work since I am in my studio by myself and only get together with other art quilters once a week. Sometimes I need encouragement also. Not just, "Hey, Liz, that's really great" but something about the way the color works or what the perceived message is or something...I guess all this rain has me down today.Oh, well, off to quilt my two little monoprint pieces and then to start collecting the photos and scanning them for my Mama quilt. This one will be so different from the first one.Did get my website updated. daughter came in and did it two days in a row...the biggest problem is getting names straight with the pieces since I have to put stickies on them so I don't forget what name I have come up with before I get the label on. And then I changed the names on three of them so that was even more confusing. She wants to just come in and enter the stuff so I tried really hard to get it all together before she got here. Oh well, I can't believe how much my thought processes have changed since I retired and do art all the time! I think, maybe, alot of how I am feeling today is directly related to having spent almost two days scnning slides, correcting data, and doing that kind of work...not fun in my book!

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Word Posted by Hello

The Holy Spirit Posted by Hello

four mono prints Posted by Hello

Multiple postings

I really am trying to figure this posting stuff out. I want to be able to put my pictures in like Melody does, a picture here, then some writing, then another picture..etc. I've tried to find the symbol that I am supposed to use to set up a queue but I just don't seem to be having any luck...and I thought I did pretty well on the computer....bear with me.


All this past week I have been doing a number of monoprints. It is so much fun! Just as much fun as painting directly on the fabric but with lots more texture. I'm posting some pictures of what I have been doing.

Then, with Holy Week and all, my mind has been on spirituality and God as the great Creator and his Son. Well, used two of the monoprints and added text to them to reflect The Word and also The Holy Spirit. This is really neat...all I have to do now is to figure out how to quilt them.

Have lots of ideas for collaging them. However, I am still working on the technique as I can't just do a transfer using solvents because it doesn't take to the painted surface. The Holy Spirit one was done using gel transfers but my gel, when dried, remained slightly translucent and not as transparent as I wanted it so had to add some paint to the surface. The Word one was done with rubber stamping, which of course, works great. I guess I can whip out a silk screen and then do least that way I could use all of the tons of fonts I have loaded on my computer. Guess I will have to try that on the next one.

Got all my new stuff finally into the computer and tonight Tori finished updating the should get published tonight and then I am temporarily caught up...that is, until I get some more work done.

My art is all time consuming. Yesterday I actutually took a day off as I fixed dinner, had my dad and Tori, Dave and Jacob over and then took Dad home. But, much as I enjoy family, I'm getting really wierd about this art business. It's all I want to do! Thank goodness my neice cleans the house for me or I would never be able to walk anywhere else in the house (like it is in my studio!).

Friday, March 25, 2005

Another Acceptance!

Just got my email acceptance of "Distant Views" (down toward the bottom of my blogs) was accepted into the Arts of Fire 9 Show at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica. In looking at all the accepted entries, mine is the only fiber!

I now have four pieces in four different art one in a quilt Chicago Small Wonders. However, art shows sell work so it will be nice to see if anything happens with these.

I'm having way too much fun doing monoprinting...have some really neat pieces which I am going to add text to.

Holy Week is really pretty emotionally engulfing but oh, so, worth it!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Getting details done

Well, I finally found my pearl cotton and got my little silk piece finished. I am really pleased with it. It is so textural. Thought I would throw in some pictures of my creative work space AKA studio. Right now it is way out of control with too many stacks of fabric. However, each time I start to sort through things to organize and put away, I get caught up in another piece of fabric or yarn or whatever and my mind starts.

My least toward cleaning up my studio (and my house and doing laundry and everything else not art) is really the pits...however, as far as my art goes, once I am started there is no stopping me and I carry things through to the end. Right now I am working on My Mama quilt (in my head) and several more pieces...contemplating several competitions coming up. Also, since I have been doing a lot of smaller pieces it is time to start doing some larger things.

my new little silk name yet...hand quilted and hand embroidered Posted by Hello

looking the other way...piles of recently dyed silk noil and other fabrics just waiting for me to find a place for them Posted by Hello

studio as seen from the sewing machine...looking at a wonderful horizontal space called a drafting table Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Sat down to work on my new little silk piece, finished up the pearl cotton that was on the needle and tried to find the skein that I had left on my sewing table (or at least I think that is where I left it) Major Brain Freeze....I can't find it anywhere.

So, instead I fixed dinner and sat down with the mail. Opened the big envelop from Mancuso shows to get my World Quilt and Textile entry from and brochure. Found a hand written note on my that said "What a GREAT background quilt (detail) on this brochure!" Low and behold, it was my quilt!! Ridge #4 detail (and out of focus) in on the front of the World Quilt and Textile Show brochure.

Still can't find the pearl cotton though!

Intro to Surface Design class

Just got back from Sew Many Quilts in Tracy where I did an introduction of surface design class. I just love doing this because I bring all the goodies and everyone gets to play! Everybody has such a good time because we are only making fabric and not paintings or quilts or anything finished but just a piece of it all. So much fun to watch everyone get really excited about what they have done!

Started a new little silk piece last night...playing with my twin needle with the bobbin tension tight which makes like a pin tuck...just on habotai so it is really textured. Did tons of these pin tucks both ways on the fabric then added dyed cheese cloth and some dyed silk organza, cut it apart and actually PIECED it back together...didn't fuse it!! What do you know! Then I took out a needle and some hand dyed pearl cotton and away I go. It's really getting interesting. Have to keep it pretty simple though..don't want to go over the top with this...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the art of art quilts. I have developed Art Quilting 101 which I have to pitch now to ArtQuilt Tahoe and Empty Spools and anyone else who would like a four day one: design; day two: color; day three: intro to surface design; and day four would be putting it all together! Now doesn't that sound fun? I'm really getting tired of a piece of tortured tyvek being put on another piece of fabric and calling it art...may be art but not necessarily good art. I really think that the technique does not make the piece but all the design elements and principles of design have got to come in to play in the piece. I guess my art background is catching up to me. Forget whether it's good or not...they say...just call it art. Too many years selling my art work at outdoor art fairs and listening to doodoos saying their two year old could do it. Boy, am I on my high horse.

Anyway, my dear husband is up in Sacramento with the cutest grandson in the world and his parents...Their under 19 girls soccer team is in the finals tomorrow for the State Cup...which means....I get to play, eat my Safeway salad and not worry about anyone else! That is....once I recover from teaching all day!

off to work again...

Friday, March 18, 2005

While I was gone, I tried to reach Gerrie to send her my prayers. She was on my mind and in my prayers all day that Wednesday while she was in surgery...finally found out that she was home and her attitude was as sassy as ever...after the initial down from surgery. Now this is a woman who really lives life!!

Got home to learn that one of my pieces was accepted in a show at the Red Dot Gallery in Santa Fe. Got to ship that off today.

Then found out that a group of us ( will be doing a show with Mancuso at PIQF. We also have a show lined up for a museum in South Carolina? So much is going on. I counted and right now I have pieces out for five different shows...feeling pretty good, and still waiting for acceptance/rejection notices on five more shows. What really makes me happy is that three of these are art shows and not quilt shows. I have learned to enter any show that does not restrict the medium. (such as transparent water media on paper or oil paints, etc) and that way I can really get my stuff out. Got to get more entries sent out in the next day or two...such a lot of work.

The business part of art is not always fun. I have goals to really get my slides out to different galleries and to a couple of reps and see what I can get going. It is way past time that I actively pursue solo shows...just the work seems overwhelming! But I know I can do it.

great color and texture...more backgrounds Posted by Hello

even more paint for more backgrounds! Posted by Hello

tons of paint...a great background for all sorts of things... Posted by Hello

Pipes full of ideas! Posted by Hello

a good start for a quilt...full of texture and great composition...if you like symetrical compositions! Posted by Hello

Back from Montana

Well, after being gone for some time...getting too many things done before we headed off to Montana to pick up our motorhome, I finally feel like things are on an upswing.

Although I didn't do any quilting or sewing during the past two weeks I have been very busy absorbing things around me. While in Dillon I took a ton of pictures to use for transfers to fabric and backgrounds for collage. Had way too much fun although I must say, taking pictures when it is pretty cold outside is different for this California girl. We left home and within a couple of days it got to the high 70's and low 80's here...we got down to 17 at night in Dillon and work up with icicles on the motorhome...thank goodness we had a furnace in the MH.

Some of my pictures are included here

paint on a brick wall Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

just keep on working


well...I just keep on working. I had to make a list of things that I have to finish up because I feel like I have a lot of strings dangling...getting emails answered, deciding that I will sell my silk (or at least some of it) and then tearing it into half yards, ironing and folding and generally getting ready for the show this weekend. Got to send two bills out to shops where I taught and I still haven't billed them, check on another class coming up, ship a piece to Washington for a show, I guess I am just rambling on so that I don't have to do any of it...

What I really want to do right now is to create art but the business stuff has got to get done.

Goals this year: Send off portfolios and slides to several galleries that I have checked out and also to a couple of reps to get more representation.

And of course, enter more and more shows.

well, since I have started this blog I am not writing as much in my art journal as I used to...however, I am playing in it which is just as well!! Just did some gel transfers which is really fun...working toward some ideas to do on fabric also.

see ya...back to my list