Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Work

So this past weekend I did some more dyeing...this time using my flat boards. I don't want to spend the money that Melody Johnson did for her acrylic plates, plus I don't have the drying racks she has. But the temperature was in the high 90's so things dried pretty quickly.

I finally finished that piece that was a little pouffy....I did all of the heavy stitching in the blocks and then into the orange and turquoise areas in the background. Then all the rest of the background needed to really get quilted flat which I did with a meandering stitch. This piece uses dyed fabric for the background and monoprinted fabrics for the blocks.

And the I finished the piece with the dyed fabrics I overdyed, using washers clamped together to make the yellow circles. This was a lot of fun to do. I have even done some beading in the yellow circles which doesn't show up very well in the photo.

Well, have to trim that big piece that I quilted on the long arm, fix a couple of places that I had to take out and put a facing on the piece.

Then I am finally ready to start some new work. I want to make two stoles, a veil and altar frontal for our church in the ordinary greens...have an idea for fusing various green fabrics on to the stoles (using silk) and then maybe adding some highlights. Well, we'll see. The ideas are starting to flow!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Life Gets in the Way

Oh dear, the babysitter's son has foot-mouth-hand disease...something I had never heard of before when my children were young but evidently has been going around. So Jacob has been spending a lot of time with his grammy and granpa...but mostly grammy! So, of course, not a lot else gets done!

I do have a couple of pictures to show you though.

This piece was cut off in the article in Quilting Arts magazine which was created to show formal balance. I really like it and had a lot of fun doing it as I don't usually work in this way. I much prefer asymmetrical balance but once in a while it is good to do the exercises and work with something different. It is done in a triadic color scheme.

And this is Canyonlands. I think I had shown it before but it wasn't really finished. I added the purple and then mounted it on stretched black cotton duck and did an uneven satin stitch around it to set it off more.

And this piece is my favorite. I actually pieced it...not fused!

I used Thai silk for the black and then some of my hand dyed silk charmuese...the quilting lines are hard to see but are really neat with lots of lines adding to the composition. Each black block has its own lines...

Well, got to get going on working with some more running fence stuff. there will be a show coming up with work from all of us who are working with it and I want to get a couple of pieces done to include with the two that are already with Dianne.

Meanwhile, I've had a blast discharging cotton. Will show you shortly.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Couple of New Pieces

So here we have a couple of the many pieces that just came back from the photographer.

The first is Blues in the Day. I thought of calling it Study of a Red Line but I have another piece that is getting that title and I didn't feel like having another series. This piece has two red stitched lines, one of which is stitched over heavy cording. Then there is a chartreuse line which doesn't quite show the right color in this picture. It is made from painted canvas. Now, this is really in my simple mode! This piece is about 34 x 55 or so...I haven't measured them yet.

And the I have Harvest Moon. You saw parts of it some time ago but I finally got it finished and photographed. It was interesting working in tones rather than clear colors. Quite a change but a fun exercise. This piece is about 58 x 58 or so. Haven't measured this one, either.

Tomorrow I will get the tape measure out, and start cataloging them.

Today was spent all on art. I had to finish up a piece (by that I mean put a sleeve on it) and get a slat cut to fit so that I could deliver it for a show the California Fiber Artists will be in in Half Moon Day.

So, tomorrow I work at the computer for a while, getting photos edited and sized for the web site, measuring, naming and pricing...all that kind of stuff. And enter the info for each on into my catalogue so I can try to keep track of it.

And I am still trying to get the smaller quilt finished...almost done with the heavy, heavy quilting that is on it...that is to make of for the minimal quilting on Blues in the Day! And then I have to trim and face Waiting for Spring, a large quilt about 60 x 60 that I quilted on the long arm. Never time to sleep. and then I hope to be able to start some new work...perhaps it is time for orbs, but then I keep thinking of fences running across them. Can't get those fences out of my mind!