Friday, October 20, 2006

Postcards and first fiber art

Post card #16 $30

Post Card #39 SOLD

Post card #15 SOLD

Post Card #13 $30

Post card #14 $30

These five postcards are all that remain from a series of postcards that I made for my exchange group at Art2Mail. They are available for sale.

I had my grandson for the day a week and a half ago. We ended up in my studio and he sat down at my ironing board. I put down a piece of white cotton and then reached into my bag of prefused scraps from various pieces I have done. I cut up some of the bigger ones. My grandson is 21 months old and he has now completed his first piece of fiber art. He would pick the pieces of fabric he wanted, stuff them into his little hand, pull one out and flatten it carefully on the cotton and then tell me "hot" and would put his hands under his bottom so they were safe. I would then hit the piece with the iron to fuse it down, and then another, and another until he decided he was finished. What fun!

Jacob's first piece of fiber art! Age 21 months.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So here are the first two of this series. I painted a piece of canvas, did multible printing on it with various found objects, created my own black and white fabric and used a commercial fabric for the red (Sherril Khan) and also for the solids. There are also discharged fabrics in some of the pieces which were my hand dyes. I think the one on the right is sideways but I am still trying to figure that out.

Here are another two. The one of the right also contains some monoprinted fabric...the blue/green/black and white piece.

And these are the last two of this series. Still open on the orientation.

All of these are about 8 x 8 or so and will be mounted onto stretched canvas to a size of 16 x 16. I think that will look nice.

Finished my postcards from my group at Art2Mail and got them all addressed tonight and will drop them off at the post office tomorrow. That sure feels good.

Tomorrow I will post five new postcards that are for sale...taking a clue from Claire Fenton!