Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A long time ago....

I was so on a roll!  Went off for a week at Asilomar in Pacific Grove with a wonderful group of women and spent a lot of time doing some hand embroidery on some new pieces and then decided to make a very simple (modern) quilt....you know, one where you don't have to match anything and there is lots of space around the fabrics!  But what fun it was to do that and to get it done very quickly.  It just needs to be quilted now.

And then, on Monday, October 8, I took a nose dive off the next to the bottom step on my stairs and landed right on my left shoulder.  It took my husband 20 minutes before we could get me up off the floor and off to the hospital where it was confirmed that I had broker the left humeral head bone.  This is the rounded top part of the big upper arm bone.  Can't be casted. Just a sling and lots of pain killers.  Oh, did it hurt.  My poor husband has done wonderful duty caring for the invalid.  Could not get dressed or undressed, wore practically nothing since it hurt too much and lived on the recliner since I could not sleep in bed.  Well, six full weeks later and I am still in the recliner but left the sling after three weeks, and now start PT on Monday. I can do more and more but can't extend my left arm very much and certainly can't use weight with it.  So we move back into the rebuild mode.

This is why you haven't heard from me.

But, on a positive note, I have caught up with several DVD's about quilting and art and several workshops I have down loaded.  My good friend Carol Suto took me to my studio two weeks ago so I could play with printing deli paper with some new 12" x 12" stamps I had made using fun foam which is sticky and works well on light weight acrylic.  Had a blast and then made three more stamps which I went down to try our a few days ago.

Going to the studio is difficult. I am very limited and have only started driving again a week ago.  I have to be very careful because I don't have full range of motion in my left arm.

I couldn't go to New York to teach which I was supposed to do five days after my fall.  I was really unhappy about that but Kim has given me a new date in early 2013.

Will have pictures for you shortly.  We have broker ground for our new RV garage with a new studio for me upstairs.  Hoping to pour concrete for the foundation maybe Friday or Monday.

My arm is now very tired from typing this little bit.  Will try to get photos up tomorrow....