Thursday, January 18, 2007

DAY 10

This is one of three pictures of Virginia's design wall. She is working away.

Second picture of her design wall...pieces in progress.

And, by process of elimination, this is the third picture from her wall. I love the branch on the top with textured trunk to the right of it...really cool!

Thought I would give you a shot of fusing with black misty fuse. I have two large pieces of teflon that I got from Valerie Hearder and in this shot the misty fuse has been placed on top of my fabric (the wrong side of the fabric) and then the second sheet of teflon is layed on top and then ironed.

This is a shot of part of the ironing table which is really big...the piece of teflon is 36" x 56". The misty fuse covers one half of the fabric, which I will fuse and then turn around to do the other half.

A piece of discharged black can see that I am really into circles.

And, ta da!!! I now have a design wall myself. This is a piece in the planning but I just washed out some fabric that I dyed this morning and will stamp and screen it tomorrow to use in this piece. There are about 6 different discharged fabrics.

Virginia and I went out to dinner for a typical Texas style dinner...I had chicken fried steak with white gravy and she had fried catfish with hushpuppies. While we were out, we were talking about our progress so far and both of us feel that we have not hit the grove yet. We are working hard, doing art but haven't reached that place where it just zings out of you. Hoping this will happen sooner, rather than later, as both of us move quickly when we are in the zone and work really hard. Just have to free up the mind, open the heart, and let it come!

Karey's little get together is getting really big. She went in to Houston today to do some work and will return to the franch tomorrow to do more work here.

The weather warmed up...must have gotten to 50 at some point today, and everything has been melting. Got all the ice off of my car. But then, it started raining and the temperature has dropped. When we first got here, Virginia called her husband and asked him to send more polo shirts and she needs fleece!

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Anonymous said...

I keep getting invites from Karey for the get to gether. I wish I was wealthy enough to hop on a plane and come down.