Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today I was teaching at the Pajaro Valley Quilt Guild on design and abstract art. After doing a bunch of various warm-up designs, then boring them to death with all the lecture part of the class, I finally let them work with little snippets of fabric on 4 x 6 card stock. The picture on the top is the exercise in symmetrical design and the one on the bottom is asymmetrical design. I'm ready to take a couple of these and turn them in to quilts. This was just great!

Here you can see some of the students diligently working away...I was such a slave driver...
hardly gave them any time to complete a task so that they didn't have time to think! The picture on the right shows some of the end of the day designs that came after all their hard work of doing 25 thumbnail designs and everything else! What great ideas!

Watching each student develop their sense of design is what is really fun about teaching. Being able to share what I know to help others make the break more successfully from traditional work to art quilting with some knowledge about the art just makes my heart sing! The AH-HA moment when each student gets it!!

Some of the students are well on their way. And so many were quick to tell me about who did such great work. And then the person who said she was encouraged to enter PIQF and got it! If we don't try things, we will never grow!

Two days to go before Virginia and I meet up in San Antonio. Tomorrow night I give a lecture and powerpoint presentation with trunk show, then head for home, do some packing, get some sleep and then off I go.

I do plan to document this trip as I go so keep looking for pictures and thoughts from both Virginia and myself about this project. It is just too good to keep to ourselves!


Anonymous said...

The class looks like it was great fun! can't wait to hear about your studio time in TX.

LoieJ said...

Looks like fun!

Rayna said...

Hey, LizzieB - can I take your design class? Huh? Can I?
Have a wonderful time in Texas - be sure to keep posting and let us enjoy the experience vicariously.

Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I am so happy to hear you say that you will be blogging the adventure!! Have a great and creative time.

Robin said...

I just found you for the first (but definitely not the last) time. I was browsing fiber arts postcards, looking at all 18 pages of cards on this site. All were inspirational, fun, exciting... But YOURS were SUPURB! Now I'm reading through your blog and enjoying getting to know the artist a little. Thanks for your contributions to the cancer fundraiser and for the time you put into blogging!