Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Did some dyeing today on the left and Virginia's painted fabric for the day is on the right.
She figures she is getting much closer to being finished. She spent the afternoon and evening in her studio trying out various things and then finishing her first piece.

The is discharged and printed fabric that I have put together and am now quilting.

Another view of dyed fabrics.

This is ice hanging off the rear view mirror on our car. I know if you are from up north this is no big thing but I have been watching the ice build up on the car for three days now (as of Day 9)

This picture shows a reflection of me along with the build up of ice.

hanging off the front of the car

Here is ice hanging off the headlight with lots of build up
and more ice hanging of the rear wheel well. The entire car is frozen solid. I don't think we are going anywhere.

The is one of the outdoor lights around the franch.

This poor guy is sitting at Karey's front door...a little chilled, I think...check out the ice on the leaves behind him.

Saw my first real live cardinals!

Some said, I don't remember who, that if you will always be depressed if you are always comparing your work to those who are better than you. Something to remember.

I've decided to stick with circles for a while. Jane Dunnewold mentions in her newsletter the suggestion of working with one element and seeing where you can take it. This is something I had been thinking about and thought I was going to do it with spirals but I like the circles better. There are so many ideas floating around.

Well, didn't get this off last night so this is the beginning of really day 9 but I will do that later tonight.


Anonymous said...

We had a cardinal nest outside our dining room window in NC. Sadly, I woke up one morning to find the egg shells on the ground. Cardinals are beautiful, especially in the bleak winter landscape.

Love the circles. I love circles. Just, keep going. What a fabulous body of work you will have when this is over.

Cathy said...

How marvelous to be able to enjoy "The Adventures of Liz and V at Karey's Franch" with my coffee each morning! Wish I could join you for the Open Studio. Kudos to both of you for a well-deserved artistic immersion in such an idyllic (if a bit icy) setting...

Betsy True said...

I love the ice pictures, especially the reflection and the one with the ice dripping down over the wheel well--it looks like an eye, with the ice as eyelashes!

But they do make me cold!