Wednesday, January 24, 2007

DAY 16: We Have Hit the Wall

Well, today has been a long day. I discharged 8 yards of black but am not very happy with four of the pieces as they are too dark and have no definition to them. Had to get the black plastic up as it is getting close to time to clean up in the Creativity Center. I have moved my little studio into a smaller square so that will work fine but I need to pick up some other stuff and get it stored away.

The rains are playing havoc on the grounds...hard to park cars on mushy mud! But, ever-thinking Karey and there will be valet service for the cars.

Virginia hit the wall also...she spent the day working on this piece below, went for a walk and came back and begged off from chicken fried chicken dinner tonight and went to bed to read. I cam down at 7 pm and her lights are OUT!

This is a large piece...I think it is about 80" long. So nice to have the design space to work on it! Little parts have been stitched and I think she is about ready to stitch everything together.

So, I piddled around with this piece today and was not very satisfied. Took me a long time to work out how I wanted the bottom left corner, what I had started with just did not work. And then I played with the circle placement for ever. Finally decided to fuse more orange fabric and then some of the black as Misty Fuse came through and arrived today...not a minute too soon either. Both of us were in dire need...

Son finally came up with something that I am satisfied with. Haven't taken it off the wall to do the final pressing as I was just too tired. And then I realized that I am going to have to redo some of my black and that I need more black fabric to discharge so I can keep on going. All of a sudden the black I had has disappeared.

This has not been trimmed will be uneven but I am not sure what, yet.

So, tonight I am going to curl up in bed again and read for a little while and start a new day tomorrow!

thanks again for all of the does help to keep us tied in with the rest of the world...although we don't watch TV and haven't read a newspaper since we have been here. I guess we figure if something really important happens, we will find out somehow! I'm sure it will be listed on the Quilt Art List!!


Anonymous said...

Liz is right - the black circles do have a 3S effect! After 15 days of going like Energizer bunnies, I'm not surprised that your brain wanted a rest! Hope you had a good read and a long rest.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that you two have hit a wall. I think the break for the party will be good for you both.