Friday, September 25, 2009

Third Series from Playing

So, here are eleven mixed media pieces from my play time. This series is called Currents and they are each 5 x 7" matted on archival mat board and backing board ready to frame in an 8 x 10 frame. As before, they are $75 each.

Currents #1:

Currents #2:

Currents #3:
Currents #4:

Currents #5:
Currents #6:
Currents #7:
Currents #8:
Currents #9:
Currents # 10:
Currents #11:

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary Buek Art

I just thought that I would share the art work that I recently purchased.

I came upon the work of Mary Buek through Karen Stiehl Osborn's blog and just fell in love with her work. She is a painter and I purchased a piece on paper some time ago.

And then these pieces came up and I knew that I wanted them.

Through the Keyhole

Hgher Ground

Circles with in Circles

She has been doing more work that I just love also along with some in simpler colors. Check out her work.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rust and Patina

I am now showing ten of the pieces in the Rust and Patina series. I have used photographs that I have taken of a metal sculpture made out of copper which has developed a beautiful patina as the backing image. I shot a lot of pictures of parts of this sculpture several years ago as I was fascinated by it and found so many different wonderful compositions in it.

As before, these are 5 x 7" on archival paper, matted and backed by archival materials. They are each $75 and shipping is included if you are interested.

Just enjoy!

Rust and Patina #1:  SOLD

Rust and Patina #2: SOLD
Rust and Patina #3:
Rust and Patina #4:
Rust and Patina #5:
Rust and Patina #6:
Rust and Patina #7:
Rust and Patina #8:
Rust and Patina #9:
Rust and Patina #10:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hidden Messages

I have now scanned 32 of my new collages! Have I ever been having fun!

So I am going to start sharing them here with Hidden Messages, which are 5 x 7" and matted to 8 x 10 with archival mat and backing board, ready to frame for only $75, shipping including in the US.

Hidden Messages 1:

Hidden Messages 2:

Hidden Messages 3:

Hidden Messages 4:

HIdden Messages 5:

Working Hard

This past week and a half I have been working very hard in the studio. First I began by working with several of the batik images I had purchased and have been adding fabric to those in order to make them into wall hangings. I don't have finished pictures yet because I responded to the need to be more creative.

I am working out what I want to do with fabric but in the mean time I have been doing small collages...a lot of them. At this time I have about 33 finished 5 x 7 collages that have been mounted under an acid free mat. I will be scanning them this afternoon so I can post them both here (some of them) and also on my website.

My goal today is to get those scanned, titled and listed. My poor website is so behind. That is because I work and then don't get the finished images for the website so they sit there. I am also way behind in cataloging my work.

During the past year I have had a hard time staying on top of the business part of my art...mainly because I just felt like it was taking the joy out of the art. But I need to get my work out there so I am bound and determined to start entering shows again and posting regularly here and to get my website back up and going properly. I will be putting a new page up on the website for mixed media work which will include work that is on paper also, mostly smaller things that are priced reasonably for sale.

I have really enjoyed the freedom of working in the 5x7 paper, ink, paint format and will probably look at taking some of the collages to fabric but I am still working on that one.

But, just so you don't go away image-less, I am including a few of the pictures of elephants that I will start working with...I want to do sketches and then incorporate them into art quilts...still working out how I want to do that but what fun that will be.

We saw lots of elephants and I took more pictures of them than there were elephants but I will spare you and just share five:

The herd walking away from us...look at all the ages of elephants in this herd.
Isn't this one just majestic? (above)

these are has been cape buffalo...too old to mate or defend their harem, they get kicked out and tend to live with in a group of old men...the elephants chase them away but what is even funnier to watch is the hippo chasing them away...

mother and young

Friday, September 11, 2009

Children of Uganda

At first, children were shy and would peak out at us from behind corners of the building or across the road.

But curiousity got the best of them and we all became great friends.

These are images of children from the neighborhood where we stayed and neighbors of Sunrise House.

I enjoyed taking pictures of the children the most, followed by pictures of the elephants.