Friday, January 19, 2007

DAY 11 I'm in the Zone!

What a difference having the right set up and right tools makes! I am in the zone and cooking hot!

Yesterday I got a design wall. I showed you one piece that I had done with my circles and discharged fabrics. Well, I couldn't stand it so I fused that first piece on to Mountain Mist cotton batting and it shrank which left wrinkles in the piece. I went ahead and quilted it heavily but they still show. Disappointing.

Then today I hit the Creativity Center and went to town and got another piece layed out on the wall and then had to figure out how to get it off the wall and on to my teflon sheets to fuse it. Had to take a picture so I could reconstruct it on the teflon and then fused it all together.

This is the first piece I did this morning. I was a little disappointed because my Quilter's Dream batting had not arrived yet (it was supposed to come on Thursday) so I couldn't go ahead and fuse it to the batting. So, I just put it aside and started another one.

This one really isn't quite as dark as it looks...the wall behind it is white, not grey.
But, the UPS guy came a second time and this time brought my batting. Was I ever happy. Got those two tops fused on to the batting and there are no wrinkles and it is as smooth as can be. So, no time to stop now!

So back to what I know best...the cruciform! And away I went! Got it fused to the batting also. By this time I was getting a little tired or standing all day so went down to Virginia's studio to see what she was up to.
The UPS guy came again, this time bringing a big box of threads from Superior Threads for the studio. We delved right in like kids at Christmas opening presents. Thank you Bob!

By then we were feeling a little more tired and getting hungry. First we had to stop at Wal Mart to get more black cotton for discharging since I am almost out of my fabric. Got there and they didn't have any. My plan was to discharge in the morning, get the fabric washed and then start doing more work tomorrow afternoon. Well, I will have to drive to another Wal Mart to see if they have it.

We decided to head out to the Bistro for the time we leave LaGrange we will have eaten in all the restaurants in town! What a great dinner! Virginia is on a fried food must understand that she does not eat red meat, likes organic food and is very particular...eating fried food is very unusual for her...two nights in a row now and tonight she had fried catfish (again) and fried shrimp. I had a wonderful, juicy pork loin wrapped in smoked bacon, cooked to perfection with glazed onions and apples on top. Wonderful! So, in the spirit of sharing, we are giving you pictures of our dinners!

It is so wonderful to finally be at the place I knew I would eventually get to...the Zone. That place where everything is working right, the ideas flow wonderfully, all the equipment is in place and you have enough room to support what you are doing. Virginia is getting there but is somewhat hampered by the size restrictions she has placed on herself. Oh well, she should work through it by tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to dash off for my quest for black cotton so I can get back and really go to town! Each of the pieces I have done today are about 45 x 40 or so and I am really happy!


Anonymous said...

"... and then there was nothing". What is that in reference to? Or am I not supposed to be able to read the writing? I can't read the other discharged pieces. I like your cruciform piece. Too bad about the wrinkles. And so glad you are getting in the groove.

Anonymous said...

Whee! It is sort of strange to see you continue to work in the current color palette, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

You really are in a groove - these new pieces are great!

Anonymous said...

These pieces are great. What do you use to discharge? I love the discharged writing. I've enjoyed reading your progress at Karey's since you arrived. I wonder what it would be like to have all that committed time. Thanks for sharing. I will continue reading about your stay.