Thursday, January 11, 2007


Aren't you is Virginia in the Creativity Center cleaning up to start another painted piece of fabric. She was on a major roll today and got lots done.

Here you can see Virginia's work on the right and mine on the left. Later she did a lot of pieces with browns and reds but at this stage she was still in the trees and water. I did a bunch of various pieces, none of which were really exciting me. However, I was also doing discharging on black fabric and some of those are really neat!

This is one piece which was just rolled on to the plastic and it would separate and pull away due to the amount of water and the black plastic I was working

Virginia kindly took a picture of me working on another piece of fabric.

This is a painted piece that I did on Day 2 which is a full yard of fabric on the ironing table...pretty nice, huh?

Afterwards, we went out for dinner with Karey for Mexican food...the price was very reasonable and the plates were huge! Oops...forgot to take pictures of our food!!!

So, now I think I will share with you some of the creative process that has been going on with me.

Day 1 was spent getting there.
Day 2 was spent getting set up and doing a little bit of painting.
Day 3 was a full day to devote to art.

I watched Virginia really get in to the grove and I did some discharging and some painting but nothing was really exciting me. My legs got tired of standing so I would take breaks and look at some of the books that Karey has...meanwhile, Virginia was working away.
Spent an hour fixing lunch and relaxing with a book wondering why I didn't feel happy with what I was doing. Then I spent time wishing I had all the things that Virginia had brought with her and what I could be doing if I had them.

So, time to sit down and figure out just what is going on with me.

30 days in the studio...I have to make great use of that time and create great things!!!
By sorting out how I was feeling I realized that I was putting pressure on myself to do things that I really didn't want to do. I was getting real tired of painting fabric but Virginia was still at it so should I...wrong. Tomorrow I set up my space in the Creativity Center so I feel that I actually have a studio like Virginia does. I will surround myself with the ironing table, the cutting table and a table with the sewing machine. I will start cutting fabrics that I had brought that were already dyed and start fusing them and laying out some of my door series. I will also order batting because I will be working hard and fast and completing things in my process so need to do that pillowcase method and need the batting for that.

I will also mix up dyes and start dye painting, which is what I really want to be doing. I can alternate between that and working on my new door series.

I took time to contemplate the clouds, watch the birds, go back to WalMart looking for the paper I need to do gel transfers, etc.

Now, I am feeling ready to work...just really a mind shift. I don't have to create the best work there is, I just need to allow myself some space and the freedom to create as I want to. I came without expectations about coming home with great work (although you know I am not telling myself the truth!) but did want to work on those doors. I did bring some smaller pieces of tim tex and expect to do some smaller, fun pieces as well as postcards for Karey's heart to heart program.

And that is all I have to do. I can take breaks, I can read, I can spend time looking at my Art News magazine (which has some really great art this month) and I can wander around. When the sun comes out again I will go to the cemetery and take neat pictures. And I will enjoy myself and the process I am in.


Anonymous said...

Lizzie B!! Oh, I know what is going on. I have heard Virginia say that when she was an artist in resicence at another program, she totally floundered the first few days. She couldn't settle down because of her high expectations. This is perfectly normal. I love the way you have talked your way through this. Be Liz! Do what Liz does best - make some fabulous textile art!! But have fun!

Anonymous said...

It seems you need a pat on the shoulder, and need to take a deep breath and realize you have all these days just to create.
The more work you do, the better a very few of those pieces will be! I cannot wait to see them.
Remember, Virginia has been an AIR before , so knows what to expect of herself.

Take time to think, also. Walks are real good.

sunny Venice Fl

cfent said...

well part of being there is the TIME to breathe,relax and fill the well too. i know you will handle this in the best way for you. all of our working processes are different. not better, not worse, just different. and i know you know that too!
i could feel you relaxing as you continued your post. above all, have FUN!

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz,
Look at all the fun and mess you get to produce. Throw your stresses to the wind. Dance, sing, paint and enjoy. Go ahead and dip a piece of cornbread in some molasses. That'll calm your mind. Can't wait to see whats next.

Rayna said...

Back on-line and reading your blog to catch up on your adventures. Still only on day 3 - and I am afraid I will put the pressure on myself to be super-productive once I am in a studio that I am paying rent on! This is a good lesson for me to remember.