Saturday, January 13, 2007


today Virginia began painting and had an orange day.

Then she moved into the AIR studio and started ironing and putting ideas up on the wall. She also spent time laying out her solo show coming up and is now relieved as she knows she can accomplish what she needs to do.

It is really fun to watch her doing this...a very different way of working

here you can see knot holes in the foreground and water/sky/trees in the background. Of course there is much work to do and many more layers.

I started quilting my palm trees which has become "when the waters came". I am using cheesecloth in this for part of the water. I like the way it is coming. Very different for most of what I have done before.

Piece #3 of my little series. I have spent half the day doing three of these to go with the other two. It has been a great warm up exercise but I have finally come to understand the meaning behind my fences. It is all about boundaries and borders...that thing that keeps you from growing, that thing that keeps you in one place, etc.

Piece #4 Again, these are all 8 x 10

Piece #5

And here you can see the entire series so far.Don't know how many more I will do...maybe until I run out of the yellow and purple fabric with the circles. I don't have too much left.

Then today I painted a canvas which is much bigger and is a swirl which is going to be part of a series on death and caring for people dying. If you spiral in you are shutting down, if you spiral out, you are going crazy. Happy thoughts! Will start working on it tomorrow, some more.

Last night was really interesting. There was a lot of cloud-to-cloud lightening which made the sky light up like a strobe light. I also found myself doing a lot of very creative dreaming. Long, involved dreams...the kind that come up for me when I really start functioning in my right brain. All my dreams are watching movies which seem to go on forever and have very complicated story lines. I know I am getting in the groove! The heavy duty dreaming is back!

Today started out warm and very humid. it was around 72 degrees until sometime mid day when the temperature really started dropping. We had lots of lightning and thunder all day and then it really started to rain. It was really cold coming down from my studio in the creativity center to the guest house...I was having major Virginia envy as she was happily ensconced in the same building. She also has a full design wall and I am working without one. However, I do get more exercise this way so I don't feel so badly about not going on the walks that she does.

Tonight we went out to dinner with Karey and her husband, Maurice. They are both so delightful and fun! Had dinner at the country club but this is LaGrange so Maurice was wearing his work boots and jeans and a nice denim shirt. Of course, Virginia and I were also wearing jeans but Karey looked really nice as usual!

To tired to get back to the studio tonight so will call it a night and be ready for a full day after church tomorrow. LaGrange has a wonderful Episcopal church so I will be going there tomorrow and then hit the studio good to go!


Anonymous said...

You are both so prolific. So exciting to watch your work and hear your pschoanalysis.

Anonymous said...

"After the Water Came" is a perfect name. As soon as I saw it I thought "tsunami." Wow, glad you are getting in the groove too!!