Thursday, February 01, 2007

DAY 24

Time is really moving fast, but then so am I.Today has been really busy but well worth it. Got more of the 12 x 12's done, finished 15 that I started last night and finished 16, and 17. Also went to the post office and shipped off 7 boxes for home and went out for dinner at the Rotary Pancake dinner!

Above is a 12 x 12

And another one

Saw a discharged cow...actually there were two but I am letting you see one. If we had waited, I could have given you a picture of a discharged cow discharging.

Here you see four grills working away at the Rotary Pancake dinner...there were about five more. The place was at the elementary school cafeteria and was crowded with people coming and going constantly. All you could eat pancakes and sausage! Three were enough!

In backwards order, although I am beginning to get confused, I think this is #17.

And this is #16 for's also bigger!

And #15

and another 12 x 12

and another one

Thank you to all of you who have been trying to find some Quilter's Dream cotton select...I really appreciate the efforts. I have enough of it to do 18 and 19 and I may try some Mountain Mist for the last depends upon how desperate I get.

So, tomorrow's agenda, mail another package or two, make two more large pieces and maybe a couple of 810 x 10's and go out for dinner and a fiber art show and see several more friends including Linda Minton, whom I haven't seen since Houston '05. She has a picture of me that she could black mail me with but she is too much of a lady to do so. Karey comes back to say goodbye on Sunday and we leave early Monday to take Virginia to the airport.

Virginia has been busy the past couple of days doing some really neat things...she will show you when she is ready. She's been working the way she wants and is doing great stuff!

See y'all tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love those 12 X 12 pieces!! I have been discharging hearts on red and pink fabric for postcards!

Anonymous said...

What great work you have accomplished!