Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Virginia laughs at all my pictures of ice and icy things and keeps reminding me that I have never lived in the midwest where this is common. You're right...I haven't. And I am fascinated by the ice and what it does. Bear with me and you will eventually get to a picture of what I did today!

This picture above is an icy tree near the pond...finally went walking down to the pond as it had stopped raining but it sure was cold!

The pond, one end of can see the ice everywhere!

I love this picture of the small branches covered in more ice than there is branch!

This I took just looking down at the icy grass that had flopped over.

Icicles coming off the corrugated roof in perfect rows.

And the icy grass at the pond...just fascinating!

And finally, what I did today. You saw a little bit of it this morning but I spent the day doing all of the quilting and then the edging. three times around the sucker! I think I am okay with this. It has been an up and down day...not quite happy with what I was doing but not really unhappy either. Still seeking out what I am doing...I just keep reminding myself what I tell everyone don't sit down to create your masterpiece, it just comes. But I am feeling better now and will do some more dyeing tomorrow and then start on another one. I don't know why but I seem to have forgotten that my favorite composition is the, why don't I give that a try! You know, go back to what you know and do well, only this time use circles in it.

Virginia has been busy painting fabric for a few hours and then fusing fabric and working out a couple of pieces.

We really want to thank Misty Fuse for supporting our AIR with a generous donation of misty fuse, both white and black. We are really using it up!


Anonymous said...

I guess our deep freeze weather has spread out over the whole country. We are supposed to get warmer weather and some thawing this week-end.

I like the circles. The colors are similar to one I am working on as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, you have some excellent ice photos here, with good composition. There's some design inspiration there, straight from nature. I'm hoping the ice will be gone, however, when i come down for the Texas Shindig.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, are you in Paradise, it looks too.
Wonderful paintings, your circles is very nice
Cheers to Virginia and you from Inge in Denmark
no ice and snow here ;-)

Rayna said...

I live in the East and I never get tired of photographing ice. Your pix are gorgeous! Of course, you can enjoy snow and ice much more if you don't have to live with them.
The circles are cheering me up no end.