Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Day 2

Day 1 I leave San Francisco and head to San Antonio. Once there, I meet up with Virginia Spiegel at the airport in San Antonio at the car rental place...we both got there at the same time
and then finally got into our rental car and headed to LaGrange, about 130 miles away. Stopped for a quick bite to eat in a Dairy Queen, found LaGrange, stopped at HEB (the supermarket) for some very basic food, like breakfast, and then, with Karey calling to see if we had gotten lost, we finally arrived at the franch. Karey's ranch is decorated in French Provencal...and what a spread it is.

Day 2 The first picture shows our guest house with two bedrooms.
Virginia immediately claims the blue room which you see with also a little dressing table.

Which means that I get the green room, which is actually a little bigger with two dressing tables.

We are quite comfortable.

Attached to the right of the guest cottage is the artist in residence studio. Generally, the AIR would stay in the has a bathroom, kitchenette, and very comfortable day bed and studio space with a large design wall, sewing and cutting and ironing tables. Virginia decides that she will be nice and give me the bigger space in the Creativity Center. This means that I will be getting a lot of exercising walking from the guest house to the creativity center, which is just fine.

Here you can see the outside and inside of the creativity center with Virginia and I.

Here is one view of the inside of the creativity center...I lost the second picture so you will have to wait to see it until tomorrow. Anyway, there are five or six of the large tables you seen behind the cutting table, a huge ironing table, a sofa, tons of books and lots of outlets. Through the door you can get a glimpse of dorm room 1.

Here you can see part of dorm room one and door room 2 which is right next to it.

And here, you can see how we have covered those beautiful black and white floors and a couple of tables with heavy duty plastic to protect it from our painting.

Today I got a tour of the franch (68 acres) and Virginia fiddled around in the AIR studio and I fiddled around in the Creativity Center. We are both set up and ready to go full steam ahead tomorrow. Both of us will be painting and discharging fabric!

We ended the day with the perfect Texas dinner at a little cafe just down the road from Karey's.
We had chicken fried chicken, black-eyed peas, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn bread and cole slaw...I now am sure we are in Texas. it was delicious and we enjoyed chatting with Karey about all that is going on on the 27th! Boy, are we in for a party! Bring your walking shoes because there are wonderful places to walk around!

I'll let you in on a secret! Karey is a fantastic whistler!
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

LOL! The franch is quite a place. Love all that red in the dorm room. I can't wait to see what you tow come up with. Give Virginia a hug from me.

Susan Schrott, Artist said...

Ask me if I am aching to be there ...YES YES YES...what a glorious place. Have lots of fun..enjoy your sisterhood...xoxoxsusan schrott

Suzanne Larsen said...
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Suzanne Larsen said...

Liz - Thank you so much for giving us this preview. Everything looks wonderful. I'm excited about joining ya'll in LaGrange. I'll be driving down from Dallas.--Suzanne Larsen

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh Liz...thank you so much for sharing... what a wonderful space for work/play! Have a BALL!

Cheers, Sarah