Saturday, January 18, 2014

And it just keeps coming

I have spent hours in the studio the past couple of days.  I am feeling so much more contented. But then, I also made a magical decision.  I can let go of past hurts and quit mourning for a childhood that I didn't have.  Gee whiz, it sure takes me a while, sometimes!

So, yesterday it was more 4 x 4's and then more today along with a 12x12" piece that I need to photograph.

I really like the simplicity and strength of these little pieces. I am doing them for myself so I am the only one I need to please. Some I like better than others and some you won't see.

Each of these has been mounted on a 4 x 4" cradled board and are 5/8 inch deep.  I have decided not to paint the sides so the remain natural.

Then today the following got done:

I find that I tend to work in a given color palette each day (probably because I put a limited amount of paint out on the palette and then use it until it is all gone) and then the elements I include tend to be similar.  I am working through a group of designs and then the next day I am free of them and can go on to some other designs.  By working on 4x4's I can do lots in a day if I stick to it all day.  Some get finished in one day while others wait until another day when I finally decide just what I want to do with them.  Absolutely no pressure and tons of fun!


Studio Viktorya said...

Liz, your work is incredibly inspiring. When we decide to let go of the childhood hurts, we also can move into nurturing ourselves - as a good parent does. Big hugs from a fellow art-maker. Viktorya

Cynthia St Charles said...

I really like this series!

Anonymous said...

Hello Liz,
This is Janie your quilts are beautiful. I hope all is well with you and the family.