Thursday, January 09, 2014

Caught up and more!

I got to spend time in my studio today!  Wheeeee!

It was a very productive time as I completed the remainder of my 4 x 4's and also did two 6 x 6 pieces. I am experimenting with what I do and having fun at it!  It is about time to pull out some larger paper and start doing some bigger pieces, or, maybe, pull out the fabric and do something with fiber for a change!  What a concept!

Things at my dad's house are moving along.  I have spent the last five days there going through stuff and have removed most of the furniture. A few pieces remain that will go to my brother plus one that I want to keep.  Otherwise, my garage is looking like a warehouse!  Brought in two nice buffets from my dad's is now in my dining area, along with one we already own, and the other is sitting just inside the entry way into our house and actually looks very good there. My husband is doing some repair work on the pieces and it is taking a lot of time to do the clean up since they were in a house with smokers for over 40 years.

But, let me show you my new 4 x 4's:

My 4 x 4 birch wood panels have arrived so I can attach these to them for a really nice presentation. I figure I should end up with 365 when I am all done!

But, I went a head and did a couple of 6 x 6 pieces....I really do love working in that size! 

These were originally color studies in reds for my color class at school but that did little for me so I reworked them into small art pieces and am much happier. It is so freeing to work on already painted paper...which is why I prep a bunch of 4 x 4s with layers of color so they are all ready for me. When I do a batch of these at one time, there is usually one color theme since I work off what ever color is on my palette at the time, but then, I am known for adding more colors anytime I want to!

Just taking today off from working at my dad's (they are pouring concrete so I can't get into the house) and will take tomorrow off also, has given me a chance to actually be in the studio when I am not completely done it.  Making art is so important to my soul!  I can feel physical burdens lifting off my shoulders when I am in there working!

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KAM said...

wonderful explorations...loving the journey you are taking with color and design :~) when I see your work.