Thursday, January 02, 2014

4 x 4's are still going!

Today I did another 4 x4 but didn't get it done until after 8 pm. Lately I haven't been sleeping very well and have been waking up at 3 am and tossing and turning until 5 am and then going back to sleep. But during all of this I have very vivid dreams that are more like movies. If I really took the time to write them down I would remember them better but I don't.  I just find myself wanting to get back to some form of sleep as soon as I can so I can continue my dreams.

Out to the Hearing Center to get my new hearing aids adjusted...turned them down 4 clicks to start out with...if you are having hearing problems, I can't encourage you enough to get your hearing tested and if you have a mild hearing loss, go ahead and get those hearing aids. It is so much easier to get used to than if you have been running around not hearing much and then all of sudden you get the assist!  It's loud out there if you are used to it being a little quieter. What is nice about these new ones (my second pair in 4 years) is that I can turn them up or down so if it gets too loud, down it grandsons seem to see me doing this regularly...but at 6 and 9 their volume is always way up!

Anyway, off to my dad's house to see how the workmen are doing with repairs to the outside. We are doing cosmetic stuff to the house and will have a stagger and everything...they are busy patching the stucco, leveling the shifting concrete, fixing the garage, changing out two windows and more.  Next week or so they start on the interior and redo two bathrooms, do the ceilings in two rooms, remove some old cabinets in the kitchen, refloor the kitchen and redo all the hardwood floors throughout the house.  It will really shine and then it won't look like the house my parents lived in and will be easier to say goodbye to.  At least, that is what I hope will happen.

4 x 4 for January 2, 2014:

Looking at the work I have been doing the past year, circles are a very important design element for me.  They seem to always show up.  I have learned a trick from Joe Cunningham about using commercial bias tape to create circles. Before I have used fused fabric and cut the circles out, fused them and then stitched them.  It is hard when working with wonky circles to get them down straight so I just might try this.  I met Joe at a "Meet the Teachers" meeting of the Northern California Quilt Council where 30 teachers each have three minutes of show and tell and get guilds interested in hiring us during the next several years. This really works out well.

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