Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Day 1 of the rest of my life

Each day I wake up and remember that today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Puts things into perspective.

I appreciate the nice comments people have shared and want everyone to know that I am being very kind to myself, even as I gained a bunch of the weight that I had lost the previous year.  Oh well, we start again.

Last night I spent several hours in the studio and pulled out a bunch of 6x6 pieces that I had not finished before my dad started going downhill last year. I got started on them and also prepped a bunch of 4 x 4 bristol papers for daily art.  I got some color put on them and this morning created my first piece of art for the year!
Gee, it is almost as big as it really is in real life!  Just a little collage but that is just fine.

And then I went to work on the pieces I had pulled out last night and finished those up.

 And then there were two that I tweeked a little bit. These are  all worked on large bristol that I painted in big swaths with black acrylic and then just used some washes.  The color in the bottom two pieces are cut out found paper.  There is also some ink drawing and doodling on them as well as stamping.

And then, finally, I thought I would share five  6 x 6 pieces that were done as a series. I am very happy with them. I had shared them on facebook but I don't think the images were very good.
These are done with ink on 300 pound watercolor paper, with painted tissue paper collage, stamped deli paper collage, ink doodling and graphite pencil. They are also been stamped with cardboard stamps that I use.

Posting this all seems to feel like accountability to me.  I have made a commitment to myself and by sharing the journey, if feels as if I will actually get some new stuff done!  Got to get a bunch of unfinished things finished before school starts in a month and I start working on my painting and my contemporary art history.  Having never taken any art history through out my college career when I majored in art, I have been really enjoying it.  I told the prof that it took me hours of extra time because I spent so much time on the internet looking up the work of the various artists we have discussed. 

I have also been spending time reading about Robert Motherwell, Richard Diebekorn, Mark Rothko and several others.  Just love their brush work and use of color (or not).


Marilyn Handis said...

You inspire me. Also doing small 4 x 4 s per Jane D. So much fun and they really look good mounted on the small birch cradle boards. Happy New Year.

KAM said...

Liz...the work you are now exploring sings a beautiful song for me.. I love your sense of space; the shapes and lines make wonderful compositions. Looking forward to following your journey as it expands in so many ways