Monday, January 06, 2014


It is now January 6 and I am three days behind in my creation of  4 x 4's.  I have one for Jan 3 but I haven't had a chance to scan it and post it.

I have been spending every day at my father's house boxing stuff up.  Finally, today, it looks like we might be making progress as my brother was able to move out quite a bit of the furniture.  I have several pieces of furniture to move out but still more stuff to be boxed up...just a little bit more china and then books and other odds and ends, many of which can be dumped into boxes and brought home to go through at my leisure...unless it all just waits for my daughter to deal with after my death! I am joking....but there is an end in sight.

Work is coming along on the outside of the house and we should have everything out of the house by Wednesday.  And, then, I plan to spend lots of time in the studio and get myself started again....

Bear with me!

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