Thursday, January 16, 2014

Found my soul today

I spent a glorious day in the studio. It was so wonderful as I have been struggling with my depression and lethargy.  But, today was very productive!

I printed a big bunch of deli paper for collaging using my gelli plate and stencils as resist. Using Golden Open acrylics, I was able to pull three positive prints plus three negative prints off of each plate that I did.  What fun!  It just feels so creative in a non threatening way.

But then, on I went to 4 x 4's

This piece below includes some of the new printing from the gelli plate that I did today.  Both a positive and a negative.  The positive partial circles I cut out and added, the strips of circles is just that, a strip that I printed from another stencil.

This piece incorporated a printed deli paper that was stamped with my foam stamps. I love using the sticky foam and cutting it out, mounting it on corrugated plastic and then printing away.  This is just part of a one of the strips of lines I printed.

 And last, a study in red with a circle.

Well, and then I went on to 6 x 6's and did three of those today also!

I seem to be in a redish zone lately.  I have just been having a great time playing with red to yellows and getting in to the interaction of the oranges and reds and the various reds that I use.

This piece includes a printed circle on deli paper and then I used airbrush paint for the inking.

I have been using up several color studies from my color class this fall that I was doing for our exquisite corpse which we did as a group.  Since they are color studies only, they don't amount to much but they are on bristol paper and 6 x 6 so they are great candidates to repaint or use part of in new work.  This collage incorporates painted tissue paper, painted and printed deli paper and airbursh paint for my black lines.  I have a large of collection of circle is a large, cardboard center from packing tape, several empty spools from thread and I can use both ends to get different prints, pieces of pipe, carved rubber stamped, cut out mat board, etc.  I just collect anything that will stamp a circle and use them a lot with paint.

 And, then, still on a roll, I did a 12 x 12.

This piece has layers and layers of paint applied to it, primarily by putting the paint on another piece of paper and then placing the painted side of the paper down on the painting and rubbing it to transper the paint. It gives a lot of texture and unevenness that I can not get just with a dry brush.

I have started mounting the 4 x 4's on cradled hardwood which makes for a nice presentation. Here are four of them together.

This is one of a series of six, so far, that are 6 x 6 and I have mounted this on a hardwood panel.

And, last but not least, two pictures of my painting and printing table.  Love this place!


found my soul today and it is singing!


Gerrie said...

You sure did! Fabulous.

Wen said...

wonderful work & process points! I can hear your soul singing all the way to here!
Where do you sell your work?