Wednesday, June 22, 2005

How I did the two new pieces

Both of these started with a monoprint. I used acrylic paint (Golden fluid) with a retarder that slows drying, smeared it around my large plexi plate and then did the design and added more color. Then, I had to let it sit for a couple of weeks before I decided what I wanted to do.

Next step was to do rubbings with luminescent shiva paint sticks. Because it is an oil paint, I had to wait about four days for it to dry and cure before I heat set it.

Then I hit it with black acrylic paint and one of my large sumi-e brushes.

Then I machine quilted it...highlights some of the grid work with matching metallic threads.

I collect assorted things to use for rubbings...pieces from toys, plastic canvas, chicken wire, whatever. I pick things up on the street. I have strange things in my purse that I dig out every once in a while. Who knows what lurks in the bottom or my purse!


Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Liz, these are wonderful. I think I like the red one best...the bottom one. I am having a red day, working on a red quilt wearing red so I guess you could say that I DO like red. Funny thing I got the shiva paintstiks thinking I would do the same thing to my monoprints I made in Ann Johnstons class last spring. I thought they would add some pizzazz...looks like I was right! Maggie in SC

PaMdora said...

I like the top one best. How about "erratica". I don't know what that means, it just came to me when I looked at it. Maybe it was the sharpness of the black characters cutting through the background.

When you write about picking up trash off the street, it reminds me of a collage artist named Candice (oh heck, I can't remember her last name, I'll have to look it up) who made art from things she picked up off the streets of NY. She's dead now, but her work impressed me so much that for a long time, I picked up all kinds of trash off streets, but I never could figure out what to do with it. It's still in boxes in my studio.

PaMdora said...

I just thought of her name, Candy Jernigan. She really was collecting things for a different reason than you, but still a fascinating artist, I think anyway.

Frances said...

Liz I never managed to get my monoprints to come out right and did not know why the ink just stayed on the pexiglass and this was in college when I was 'suppossed' to be being taught, the tutor said 'they must be drying do them quicker', now I know thanks to you I can get a retarder, as I have said before I learn more from QA and my QA friends than from those highly paid resident tutors,
like the work, interesting seeing you paint/print cirles instead of cutting them from fabric,

Gerrie said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I hope more art quilt bloggers will visit you. You have so much to offer.