Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well, what fun today...actually I posted the pictures below late last night and now it really is Thursday (or mayby it was so late last night that it was Thursday then, too).

I have a need to take pictures of brick walls because I can feel some political statements coming out (something I don't do very often) and I also have some graffitti fonts and I want to spray paint those brick walls. So I called my best friend who just retired Monday (finally I have a buddy!) and we went wandering.
Went around the harbor area of the Port of Oakland (or at least the land is owned by the Port) and found some really funky stuff

Found tea cups on a wall and they went on down the slope on the side too.

Found an angel in a tree

Found a sign that I really needed to have

Found a really neat slice of RED:

Found a neat collection of meters:

Oh Yeah, I found my brick walls, lots of them but I am only going to show you one.

So, now I have the energy and have some new pictures to work with for the idea floating around in my head and also have the energy to start working on some more stuff!!


Liz Plummer said...

Interesting photos - can't wait to see what comes out from them!!

Elle said...

I like the photos. The meters really caught my eye.

Deborah Boschert said...

So intriguing! Love the yellow flowers in front of the red brick.