Thursday, June 16, 2005

Too many details

In my other life I was a probation officer and either did investigations or supervised offenders who were on probation or wanted to get on probation (instead of going to jail). I was able to pay very close attention to detail as I had to report to the courts and had a reputation to uphold as being accurate.

Where has that side of my brain gone!

I just finished up the last of 35 small pieces which I am calling Color Spots. Delivered 12 to a gallery yesterday and they were all numbered. Today I finished doing the last of them, mounted them, gave them their numbers, photographed them and then tried to get it all together on the computer for my inventory list. No number matches the piece, a piece is missing, and I called the ones I did today Color Play (another series) instead of Color Spot. So I have made new labels with the right name and number but they have to get put on the right pieces and the pictures corrected while I still have the originals in my hand! This is too much for me! And of course I thought I would just whip out some labels on the computer but couldn't find the Avery template (not that I can ever get things filled out on the labels like I want) so had to work with a table and had to fidget with that forever. Attention to details, Liz!

Meanwhile, I am creating work all over the place.

And, trying to keep entries straight for six shows where my work has been accepted. All of a sudden I realized that two pieces are out at other galleries so I am frantically trying to get them home so they can be shipped off in time. But, horror of horrors, I can't find one of my pieces (which is small and could be under something somewhere in my studio) so I guess I am going to have to stop sewing and do a major clean up to find it.

Meanwhile, where is little assistant! She does great computer work for me and can get everything straightened out for me...what am I going to do when she leaves for UC San Diego this fall? Got to let her know that her life needs to be placed on hold so she can help me out...gee, I wish!!

so, I'm going to upload some of the little Color Spots which I am excited about but of course they won't be where they are supposed to be because I can't figure that out either! Hopefully tomorrow I can get a couple of pieces uploaded of my really new, very different work!

Too many ideas...I feel like I am really pouring it out...other things like babysitting my grandson, arranging for gardeners for my father, taking my father out to run his errands, and, oh, yeah, fixing dinner sometimes and washing some clothes when I am out of underwear keep getting in my way!!


Sonji Hunt said...

These Color Spot pieces are FANTASTIC!!!! I love them. They are so sparce and perfect in their design and the color. DELICIOUS.

Also, many congrats on being pursued by the gallery. That is an honor. I'm sure that you will sell everything. Oh, did I also read you got accepted into Tactile Architecture? I couldn't process the text for gobbling up the visual candy. Hurrah for you!!!!!

Frances said...

oh Liz how many times have I *thought* something would take just a few minuets on the computer....
like your earlier list of things you do and add marketing,
congrats on Tactile architecture and hope the gallery sells lots,