Sunday, June 05, 2005

TA-DA two unveiled, one more to go

Well, after futsing with the camera and my husband's help I finally got a couple of sort of descent pictures of the two finished pieces. Boy, my photographer does so much better than I do...and of course he has the lights and tripod set up and everything else. I've also decided to pay him for good digital pictures which he can take at the same time as the slides so then I can get both of good quality. Oh well, this is fine for the blog.

Feels good to have these two done. Now I have to decide just how to quilt the blue one. Got it sandwiched and ready to go so after church I can work on it!

I feel good, da da da da da, like I knew I would!


Gerrie said...

AND you should feel good - great work. I love when quilters show the process - keep doing that for me!!

Unknown said...

yes you should absolutely feel good cause these are better than good they are great! Ginger