Monday, June 27, 2005

Head colds

I am really getting tired of this head has slowed me down dramatically. I have been getting quilts off to their destinations and then have been sleeping a lot. I don't usually take naps as I am way to busy but it has been nothing for me to take a two hour nap late in the afternoon.

Today my husband drove me down to Santa Cruz to take three pieces to a fiber show at their art league. Beautiful, sunny weather near the coast...What a treat!

However, first we had to stop at a machinery that resells machines and equipment. Found the junk box and discovered a number of neat rusting pieces of steel which I just had to have...some neat circle thingys and some scraps of flat stuff and some narrow rods.

I have picked up some linen that I want to rust so finally have all the things together.

Hopefully, tomorrow, after taking my dad around for his errands, I can get it all started...rust! Here I Come!!

I think that will probably be all the energy I have for tomorrow! Woe is me...I have too many ideas kicking around in my head but not the energy right now.

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