Friday, June 10, 2005


Well, I almost finished my blue quilt...with lots of little fused pieces...but ran out of the dyed thread from Laura Wasalouski so had to get on line and order some more. Just waiting for that to arrive so I can finish that piece up.

So, in the meantime my irridescent paint sticks arrived and I have been doing lots of stuff on my previously monoprinted fabrics. Now I am waiting for a couple of those to finish drying so I can go on and do some more.

And then, I have started printing out the canvas for my next picture quilt...while in Montana in March I took a lot of pictures of paint splattered flooring, rusted truck paint, paint peeling off of weathered boards, etc. so am now printing them on to canvas so I can start that piece. It really is exciting and fun to do. Thinking about gel transfers that I want to do with this. Ideas just floating around.

And, I can't keep the idea I have out of my head for a rusted piece. Just waiting for a little bit better weather so I can work outside again. Picked up some linen/rayon blend which I will rust using some of the many rusting things my husband has collected in the back yard.

Tonight I am joining three of my quilting friends for a quilt-out in Robin's studio. She has a double bed and a big couch in there (it used to be her mother-in-law's suite) and has a kitchette and full bathroom. Trying to figure out what I want to play with for tonight, and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Think I will take fused scraps and work on some small pieces.

Have to take three pieces out to a gallery today for a new show out in San Ramon. Lots of things to do...not enough time!

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Gerrie said...

Waiting for more pictures! I think I need to go someplace and get back my creative juices! Have fun...