Tuesday, May 03, 2005

untitled painted piece Posted by Hello


Debra said...

I like this piece. And it doesn't remind me at all of other works of yours. Is this one of your steps to doing something different with you art? (you were blogging about that a couple weeks ago.)

Sonji Hunt said...

Very energetic! I've enjoyed all the pieces you've posted and like your work in general Liz. I guess on this one if it were mine, I'd have a single shape distrupting that active dark blue(?) area. Something that would anchor it but not settle down the energy of the area. That's why I'm thinking of something that would look as if it was piercing through the space. You know, I'd have a small teal circle sitting in the middle of it or just cut a hole through it. YIKES. Whatever you decide will work, I'm sure.