Monday, May 09, 2005

New Look

Got an email from Gerrie today telling me that my site was difficult to navigate. So instead of working on art I have been fussing with this and I think I even got the Artful Quilters web ring thingy up right with the picture! Let me know if you have any problems getting around this.


Gerrie said...

Ohhhhhh! Way better!! Yeah! And it shows off your work so splendidly. Thank you!!

Debra said...

Great look... nice and simple and clean.

Easy to read, everything looks right. So, where in Ohio (or, as you wrote it, Ohioi) does your son live?

lizzieb said...

Gee, Debra, I just noticed that the other day! He lives in Lima which is in the northwest part of Ohio. Lots of farms, not too many hills and the price of housing is right. But too far away!