Sunday, May 22, 2005


This past week has really been the sandwich week!!! Gotta love em all!!

Took Dad out to the doctor and errands on Thursday, babysat Jacob on Friday and the earlier part of the week I was working hard to finish my Mama quilt which is done!!! Now to the photographer...whom I should have called today but forgot!

Also on Thursday there was a big thanks offering get together of other churches at my church. The gal in charge from my church asked me to be there because they would be showing off the altar frontal and my creation series. Glad I was there...although late from my Dad and the doctor and the booze store and the grocery story...I may have a nice commission coming my way to do a chasuble, stole,veil, burse cover and hanging for another church. That would be fun and a nice piece of money! Well, don't have the commission yet...we'll see if anything comes of it.

Printed out pictures of the rusted fence so that I can start on the fence quilt. Guess it's going to be rust and green since that's the color in the photos!! Looking forward to working on it.

However, for the past two days I have been busy dyeing fabric. Tons of new stuff (really not tons...just about 20 yards or so) working flat and pouring the dye on...I had melamine covered board which is used for cheap bath rooms and had it cut into pieces 48 x 28 and then I can do half a yard the flop it down on the grass to dry and on to another one. With my new tables from the butcher I can do five at a time which is really neat. Went over to my daughter's to use her washing machine...I have a front loader which doesn't work well for washing dyed fabrics...not enough water and the synthapol bubbles up to much and comes out of the machine so I get purple bubbles least in to the pan under the washer!

So I've been fondling my new fabric, laying out pictures and having a good ole time. Maybe tomorrow I can get the fences started!! Yeah!! Mama's done!!! Yeah!!!

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