Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been tagged

Tomme Fent has tagged me to give 7 random facts about myself. When you're tagged, you're supposed to post 7 random facts (not 'interesting' facts, or 'secret' facts) about yourself in your blog, and also post the rules of the game. Then you tag seven others, and list their names in your blog. Leave those you've tagged a comment on their blogs so they'll know they've been tagged and to read your blog. So, here are my 7 random facts:

1. I love chocolate

2. I had a caseload as a probation officer with most of the exhibitionists on probation (you know, the flashers)

3. I've had a guy expose himself to my mother and myself as we were driving near a shopping mall and he was riding a bicycle in circles.

4. My studio is an absolute mess at home but the studio outside of home is very neat and tidy.

5. I don't enjoy gray days any more...I used to, but not now.

6. I have been white water rafting a couple of times and would go again if my husband would go with me.

7. I met my husband at a shooting (gun) range.

So, now it is my turn to tag others, so:

Carol Larson


Louise Schiele

Pam Rubert

Linda Minton

Rayna Gillman

Lesley Riley


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

OK Liz, you got me! I've posted my 7 facts ... thanks for a fun exercise. (I first had to figure out how to do the hyperlinks!)

Debra said...

Oh, Liz... does it have to be your husband going with you??

I used to go every spring and fall (when I was single and living in Ohio). And I'd love to again!