Monday, May 28, 2007

I Killed George

Saturday I was down at the studio working on quilting more of my life circle quilts. Was down to only one and a half more to go...was just too tired to finish up that half one.

I decided that I would come back after church Sunday and finish those two quilts. Tuesday two of my friends are coming over and we will take the big quilt down and attach it to the backing so I can start quilting it. It was my hope that the Life circle quilts would be finished and then they could go to the photographers.

Sunday after church I sat down to clean George. I usually do it as part of my finishing for the day but the day before I had just been too tired and decided to do it when I came in.

Well, cleaning George gets a little messy. First I brush out all the lint with the needle plate off. I can easily reach in to the bobbin case and clean it from underneath. Then I spray a good dose of WD40 on the bobbin case etc. I have to run the machine at a high speed to get all the stuff off. The WD40 doesn't lubricate but helps to clean stuff off. Since it is open under that part of the machine, the WD40 gets on the floor and also gets on the underside of the plexi insert. So, I reached under with my cleaning rag to just catch the extra WD40 and oooooppppppsssss.

I got too close and the bobbin case caught the rag and wrapped it right around the case, broke the needle into three pieces and jammed the machine. I was able to hand crank the needle and bobbin case around so I could get the rag out but the machine would not restart. Oh, woe is George is dead!!

I looked in my book but there was no information on resetting George. I took him out of the table and looked underneath to see if there might be a reset button. I figured I had probably blown a fuse or the circuit breaker or something like that. There was no burning motor smell. But the Circuit lights wouldn't come on even tho I checked every electrical connection.

I did find something in the book about resetting the circuit board but it says to call the service tech first. So, since Monday is a holiday, I have had to wait until Tuesday.

First thing in the morning I will be called APQS to get a diagnosis...I sure hope it isn't terminal and that we can revive George....Stay tuned.....


Anonymous said...

Oh NOES! Poor George! I'm hoping it's something quick and really easy to fix, for both your sakes!

Vicki W said...

You might get yourself signed up on the APQS chat board as well. people read it every day and you can often get the help you need at any time of any day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, noooooo! I am sure that it is some safety mechanism tha can be reset - I hope!!

Rayna said...

Oh, aargh. I hope it gets fixed quickly!!!