Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm in the Groove Again

For your entertainment...yesterday on the way to the studio I stopped by the bank and these flowers were in the flower box. Isn't this just beautiful?

And, just to be sure that you get enough orange, here is another one

So Thursday morning I arrive at the studio. I find it amazing how much work I can get done in five hours there versus the same amount of time at home. First thing I did was to take off all of the turquoise. As you can see, this leaves some hidden blank spaces.

Then I proceed to paint more turquoise since I had cut up just about all that I had done before. This batch is a little bluer than the other but I like it a lot...

Yesterday, Friday, I was on my way to the studio when I went by the local home decorating store and they had a bunch of chairs out for sale for $15 to $25. Made a u-turn and went in and bought this blue chair so now I have somewhere to sit comfortably when I want to take a break. And my cooler works perfectly as a foot stool. This fits in just nicely, of course, not a artisty at Rayna's sitting area in her studio but very comfy.

so, in between waiting for paint to dry, I have been quilting the Life Circles pieces. I am now down to only five more to quilt. When I bring them home I have to label them so I will know which is which. And soon, they will all be off to the photographers. Don't you love that backing fabric? George and I are now working at a nice rhythm and really getting the work done.

So yesterday, after I got my chair in, I ironed fabric, fused it, cut it up, pulled out the ladder and after thousands of trips up and down with the iron and my fabric pieces, this is how I left it. It still needs tweaking...I can see areas that need some color change, areas where the color change is too abrupt and areas that need to be beefed up a little. But I am much happier. Next week I will get all that done and then figure out what I am doing for backing and then how to get it all together.

Actually, I think I will put a large table up next to the wall, start cutting the piece out of the larger piece of batting, and put it on the table and keep going as far as I can. I haven't thought through what to do when I need to get the ladder up there. Oh, Home Depot was advertising a scaffolding which would doesn't go too high but would get me up further. But, if it doesn't go high enough, that won't help me...oh, sounds like another problem to resolve in my sleep, which is what I did with the design of this piece....I do some of my best work in my sleep!


Vicki W said...

Thank you so much for sharing this process - it's really interesting! I really like the latest iteration. I'm like you, my space is function over form - a cooler as a foot stool is my kind of decorating! Don't you just love George? I have a Millennium longarm and it's a dream of a machine.

Rayna said...

Yep, better. Liz - love the blue chair! Every studio needs at least one comfy chair. That way, you can put your feet up and relax when the going gets tough. Where, may I ask, do you get your energy??

Anonymous said...

Wowee! This is really coming along. If I squit my eyes and look at the jpeg, I can really get a sense of the wsonderful cruciform design you have created.

I solve design problems in my sleep and sometimes during EFM!

Judy Rys said...

The new turquoise is much better. It really pops against the orange. Good job.