Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's getting there

Yesterday was spent down at the is being spent doing all sorts of little things that have been neglected too long.

anyway, I am making good headway on my commission. Had to take a break and go out to get fabric for the backing. Also stopped by a reclycling center that does all sorts of weird stuff like toilet paper rolls, little thingies, left over greeting cards, scrap paper from printing companies, old foam core signs, etc. They have moved and now it is more really have to look around to find some of the really good ole junk. Anyway, obviously they had been gifted by some company that had tons of shot silk samples that were selling very cheaply. I got a bunch of them and then spent some time, sitting down, fondling them, and looking at all the colors. Each bundle has a warp of one color and then the weft is a different color. What fun.

So just to tease you, I have taken a couple of pictures of the neat fabric I found. They are all about 8 x 14 inches or a little smaller and just have one staple in each piece which I will remove as I work. Guess I better take a staple remover down to the studio!

Just look at all those colors! And the photograph does not do them justice!

So, I got to a place with the commission that I am feeling pretty good about. Tomorrow I will be back at the studio and will cut out some little foil pieces and place them where I want them to see if they give me the feeling that I envision. Such fun creating! All the time I have been doing this part I have been contemplating how I am going to get it off the wall, how I am going to get it on the backing, and then how I am going to quilt it.

so, this is where I am as of today and I like it much better.

Oh, for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, I will be teaching a class on design for the abstract quilt in my studio on July 21. I have three students and can take eight. The cost will be $60. If you are interested, please email me at The class gives you great ideas on how to get going and helps you to understand the principles and elements of design.


Gypsy Junk Knits said...

Hey Liz, the quilt's rather looking up, I was curious if the RepoDepo is the place you got all that great silk?
If memeory serves right the place I'm thinking of was over in Berkeley, down by Ashby, kinda.

Derbesm said...

Hi, Liz. I've just discovered your blog, and I love your pictures and descriptions of the work in progress. I'm a painter, not a quilter, but it's endlessly fascinating to me to read about other artists' working processes. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Oh sigh! I'm just green with envy for those living in the area. Those lucky ladies. If you ever offer a class in Canada...count me in :) I love all the work in progress notes. A little inspiration for those with a little lack of it at this time.