Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Moving Right Along

Yesterday was spent running my dad around to two different doctor's appointments and out to the exchange to purchase his two months' worth of cigarettes. Tried to get my EFM homework done while I was waiting for him with the eye doctor but didn't quite get it all done. Oh well.

Didn't get home until 9:30 and had left about 10 am for the day. Days like that are not fun, especially when we are in a heat wave. The temperature has gone up 25 degrees in three days. Just on Saturday it was in the mid to high 60's during the day and the past couple of days it has reached 90...Oh well.

consequently I wasn't able to get to the studio yesterday but did after lunch with my rector.

My good friend Carol Suto came by to show me a new piece she is just finishing. It is absolutely wonderful and I should have taken a picture of it to share. Her story telling is so great! She had taken a lot of photos of the murals in the Mission District of San Francisco (the Hispanic area) and has incorporated these in to a lot of pieces of wonderful work. This one was one of the best!

Anyway, thank you all for your concerns that I might break my neck on the ladder. I realized, to make you more comfortable, that I don't really get up to the next to the top rung but the one just below it so I am really quite safe, especially when I am juggling a hot iron and a hand full of fabric squares. But Carol took some pictures so you can see the process.

Of course she took a back view so you could see the big fat behind but you can also see almost down to the bottom of the piece. The blue is just pinned so I have an idea where I want it to do and will add much more of it to the piece. Right now, tho' I am working on the orange. I am really excited with the texture and color changes that take place in the various pieces of orange.

Now there you go...a front view!

By the end of the day this is how it was looking and of course you can't see the bottom two feet. This feels so good! I know how I am going to quilt it and will also add satin stitching in a cobalt blue within the turquoise. Oh, it will be so wonderful, if I do say so myself!

Back to work tomorrow!


Rayna said...

I loved meeting your good friend Carol at AQ Claremont. Say hello for me and I hope to see her again.
You, too, of course! Yikes - what a huge project this is, Liz.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work-in-progress. I can't wait to see it develop. And such a great studio space!

Unknown said...

This is amazing, I can never imagine working that big. I look forward to watching your progress

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, I think this is a stunningly beautiful start on what promises to be a magnificent piece of art. You are moving right along on it. Obviously, you have a vision for it. It is truly wonderful. Rosemary

Anonymous said...

You look so happy and pleased with yourself up on that ladder!!