Tuesday, May 29, 2007


With my heart pounding this morning, I called APQS with trepidation...what would they say? Would I be reported for abuse? Oh My...I left my name and phone number and waited for a tech to call me...were the police going to come first? Or would I get an answer to revive George.

Amy called me. She calmly listened to my tale of calamity. As soon as I started to describe reaching for the rag to catch the WD40 drips, she knew I had gotten the rag caught up in the bobbin race. She concured with my idea that a fuse must have been blown (I had done some pre-diagnosis and since there was no burned motor smell, no electrical smell, and I was able to hand crank the machine but could not get power to it) and she was impressed that I had gotten that far. She then explained to me where the fuse box was (which was where I thought it might be) but most importantly, she explained how to open it and told me there was another fuse in the little drawer.

So, down to the studio with great hope! I sat down with George, told him how much I loved him, said a little prayer and took the flat screw driver to the fuse box. It opened! I pulled it out, found the burned out fuse, removed it, opened the little drawer and replaced the old fuse with a new. Let me assure you that on the way home I stopped at Radio Shack with the burned out fuse (which in no way could I read, the writing was so tiny) and purchased a package of five to take back to the studio.

George was up and running again. Oh, what a relief!

So, I finished half of an unfinished circles quilt, and then finished the very last circles quilt.

Ta-Da! The circles quilts are all quilted and have labels on them so I know which is which. Now all I have to do is to make sleeves and get them on and they are ready to travel. But first, they go out to my photographer for the mug shots on Thursday.

the last one almost finished

and the next to the last one hanging on the wall.

needless to say, I did not get the big quilt off the wall today. I am going to see if my good friends would like to go out for dinner tomorrow night and end up at the studio to get it taken down...a little bribery and trickery to get the job done. Oh, and then the hours of quilting to do....

But, all of a sudden I feel so much relief that those circle quilts are quilted. I am beginning to see an end to the things I am committed to and will be able to start working on some new work. I have in mind a 3D piece which I really want to work on and also several more ideas for assorted things. Because I have been away from creating something new for a little while, I have too many ideas rocking around in my brain so I will have to sort them out and figure out where to start.

But, tonight I am very relieved!


Vicki W said...

Yeah! Congratulations on getting George up and running. I should have thought about the fuse - I blew one on my Millennium once! The quilts are stunning.

Rayna said...

Ah, good - not dead, only wounded.
Hooray! The circle quilts look great, Liz.

I am on my way to take a walk to the FedEx drop box and then I think I will come home and sew. SEW! What a concept!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! And now you are a certified George mechanic! The Circle quiltsn are just too wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Nice save, Liz. I hope George will remain in good health for many years. But at least now you know he won't need to be carted off to the hospital. : )