Monday, March 21, 2005

Getting details done

Well, I finally found my pearl cotton and got my little silk piece finished. I am really pleased with it. It is so textural. Thought I would throw in some pictures of my creative work space AKA studio. Right now it is way out of control with too many stacks of fabric. However, each time I start to sort through things to organize and put away, I get caught up in another piece of fabric or yarn or whatever and my mind starts.

My least toward cleaning up my studio (and my house and doing laundry and everything else not art) is really the pits...however, as far as my art goes, once I am started there is no stopping me and I carry things through to the end. Right now I am working on My Mama quilt (in my head) and several more pieces...contemplating several competitions coming up. Also, since I have been doing a lot of smaller pieces it is time to start doing some larger things.

1 comment:

Anne Dovel said...

Hey Liz.
I like the silk piece. It reminds me of aerial views of farmland...
Love all the texture!