Saturday, March 19, 2005


Sat down to work on my new little silk piece, finished up the pearl cotton that was on the needle and tried to find the skein that I had left on my sewing table (or at least I think that is where I left it) Major Brain Freeze....I can't find it anywhere.

So, instead I fixed dinner and sat down with the mail. Opened the big envelop from Mancuso shows to get my World Quilt and Textile entry from and brochure. Found a hand written note on my that said "What a GREAT background quilt (detail) on this brochure!" Low and behold, it was my quilt!! Ridge #4 detail (and out of focus) in on the front of the World Quilt and Textile Show brochure.

Still can't find the pearl cotton though!

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Elle said...

I'm sure you were tickled to see your quilt being featured like that. I know I would be.