Monday, March 28, 2005


All this past week I have been doing a number of monoprints. It is so much fun! Just as much fun as painting directly on the fabric but with lots more texture. I'm posting some pictures of what I have been doing.

Then, with Holy Week and all, my mind has been on spirituality and God as the great Creator and his Son. Well, used two of the monoprints and added text to them to reflect The Word and also The Holy Spirit. This is really neat...all I have to do now is to figure out how to quilt them.

Have lots of ideas for collaging them. However, I am still working on the technique as I can't just do a transfer using solvents because it doesn't take to the painted surface. The Holy Spirit one was done using gel transfers but my gel, when dried, remained slightly translucent and not as transparent as I wanted it so had to add some paint to the surface. The Word one was done with rubber stamping, which of course, works great. I guess I can whip out a silk screen and then do least that way I could use all of the tons of fonts I have loaded on my computer. Guess I will have to try that on the next one.

Got all my new stuff finally into the computer and tonight Tori finished updating the should get published tonight and then I am temporarily caught up...that is, until I get some more work done.

My art is all time consuming. Yesterday I actutually took a day off as I fixed dinner, had my dad and Tori, Dave and Jacob over and then took Dad home. But, much as I enjoy family, I'm getting really wierd about this art business. It's all I want to do! Thank goodness my neice cleans the house for me or I would never be able to walk anywhere else in the house (like it is in my studio!).

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