Saturday, March 19, 2005

Intro to Surface Design class

Just got back from Sew Many Quilts in Tracy where I did an introduction of surface design class. I just love doing this because I bring all the goodies and everyone gets to play! Everybody has such a good time because we are only making fabric and not paintings or quilts or anything finished but just a piece of it all. So much fun to watch everyone get really excited about what they have done!

Started a new little silk piece last night...playing with my twin needle with the bobbin tension tight which makes like a pin tuck...just on habotai so it is really textured. Did tons of these pin tucks both ways on the fabric then added dyed cheese cloth and some dyed silk organza, cut it apart and actually PIECED it back together...didn't fuse it!! What do you know! Then I took out a needle and some hand dyed pearl cotton and away I go. It's really getting interesting. Have to keep it pretty simple though..don't want to go over the top with this...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the art of art quilts. I have developed Art Quilting 101 which I have to pitch now to ArtQuilt Tahoe and Empty Spools and anyone else who would like a four day one: design; day two: color; day three: intro to surface design; and day four would be putting it all together! Now doesn't that sound fun? I'm really getting tired of a piece of tortured tyvek being put on another piece of fabric and calling it art...may be art but not necessarily good art. I really think that the technique does not make the piece but all the design elements and principles of design have got to come in to play in the piece. I guess my art background is catching up to me. Forget whether it's good or not...they say...just call it art. Too many years selling my art work at outdoor art fairs and listening to doodoos saying their two year old could do it. Boy, am I on my high horse.

Anyway, my dear husband is up in Sacramento with the cutest grandson in the world and his parents...Their under 19 girls soccer team is in the finals tomorrow for the State Cup...which means....I get to play, eat my Safeway salad and not worry about anyone else! That is....once I recover from teaching all day!

off to work again...

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Gerrie said...

OMG! I love what you said about tortured tyvek!!!!! I want to take your 4 day class. Would you like to practice?