Friday, March 18, 2005

While I was gone, I tried to reach Gerrie to send her my prayers. She was on my mind and in my prayers all day that Wednesday while she was in surgery...finally found out that she was home and her attitude was as sassy as ever...after the initial down from surgery. Now this is a woman who really lives life!!

Got home to learn that one of my pieces was accepted in a show at the Red Dot Gallery in Santa Fe. Got to ship that off today.

Then found out that a group of us ( will be doing a show with Mancuso at PIQF. We also have a show lined up for a museum in South Carolina? So much is going on. I counted and right now I have pieces out for five different shows...feeling pretty good, and still waiting for acceptance/rejection notices on five more shows. What really makes me happy is that three of these are art shows and not quilt shows. I have learned to enter any show that does not restrict the medium. (such as transparent water media on paper or oil paints, etc) and that way I can really get my stuff out. Got to get more entries sent out in the next day or two...such a lot of work.

The business part of art is not always fun. I have goals to really get my slides out to different galleries and to a couple of reps and see what I can get going. It is way past time that I actively pursue solo shows...just the work seems overwhelming! But I know I can do it.

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Gerrie said...

Liz finally surfaces!! I wondered where you were. Day after day I would check your blog to no avail. Thanks for the prayers. They have all worked and I am doing quite well. Love your photos.