Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Where Have You Been, Liz?

It has been a little over three weeks since I visited my blog...how on earth did that ever happen?

I have been busy doing my collages which I will get up at some point.

I have been busy proofing the article for Cloth, Paper, Scissors which comes out this next month.

I have been busy painting fabric.

I have been busy screening fabric.

I am about to become busy doing collages for FAFC (Fiber art for a Cause) today.

I have been busy with my students who are taking Advanced Better Art by Design.

Oh, yeah, I also spent a week up at the cabin where I only have dial-up which is incredibly slow so I did not get on the computer much at all during that time. But what was really nice is that I did not do too much of anything. I did not take art supplies with me, I only took a book to finish which I did. I spent time watching the clouds drift by. We had an unseasonably warm time there and our grandsons and their parents came up for a couple of days. It was fun watching them play, poke sticks in the ground, create a tee-pee with Daddy's help, dig up the dirt and watch the back hoe at work.

We had a fire there in December which started at the pumphouse which is right over the well. When everything burned to the ground, the pipe for the water and electrical dropped down into the well which is a six inch pipe. We had to hire someone with a back hoe to come out and did a 15 foot trench so that we could cut off the pipe and reach the electrical and water hose. Then, we had to bring it up 150' to the top. Now that was a lot of work.

This is a picture of my dear husband down in the hole. In the back corner you can barely see the white pipe of the well which is only showing about six inches above ground in the hole.
After Doug and I worked for a couple of hours trying to bring the pump and hosing up, the roofer and his two other men came over and together they pulled up the pump. Our roofer, Vince, is at the top of the hole holding the water line and electrical cords while Doug is down in the bottom, 15 feet down, pulling it up carefully so nothing breaks and falls back down in to the well...

Also, during this time, we had no water. That means no drinking water out of the faucet, no toilet flushing, no shower, no dishwashing water, etc. We had to bring water in in 5 gallon containers and 1 gallon containers. I had sponge bathes, learned to wash all the dishes in 1 gallon of water, finally washed my hair after six days with one gallon of water and flushed the toilet one time per day. But at least we had water from a neighbor so we could drive up with the jugs and refill them.

At the same time the roofer was up and putting on the new roof. That is, when he wasn't helping us bring up the pump!

Anyway, he had boxes of roofing nails that go into the nail gun. The sun was shining on them and they gave off beautiful colors and the coils were too cool so I took a bunch of pictures. I will work them in photoshop and probably come up with an image to use as a silk screen.

Now I have to work on my collages for Virginia....and will upload some more pictures soon.


Gerrie said...

I was about to call out the cavalry!! She is missing in action. At least you were not sick!! You were doing all sorts of creative things. I want pictures.

Anonymous said...

Gerrie, I almost sent you an email the other day to see if you knew where Liz went. Well thank God you're out there safe and sound reading and digging. I think Gerrie would agree that you need to post a "Gone Fishing, see you soon" sign when you leave us. Your our art fix chick. Mine anyway. Glad to see everything's OK in CA. Send pictures soon. I'm having withdrawal.