Saturday, January 10, 2009

Continuing Collages and a Time of Joy

There is nothing better than getting a phone call on Saturday morning from a 4 year old grandson saying "Grammie come over right away so we can paint!" So, what did I do? I gathered up the big sheets of paper, grabbed by tempura paint box and got over there. Of course, Jacob was still in his pj's so he had to get dressed in painting clothes. I moved his easel outside to the grass as it was a beautiful day. And why outside? Because to paint one needs to incorporate their entire body in the process. Creating art is a process and I have to stay out of the way of a four year olds process!

So he came out and painted at his easel having a great time mixing all the colors togther on the paper. A page or two of this and then grammie stepped in and showed him the joys of flinging paint. That was a hit! And then, dancing around and painting. That was another hit. By the end of our session together he would run around the easel, jab with the brush as the paper and make his mark, grab some more paint and run around again to repeat this...many, many times. What joy!

But, I thought I would show you some of my collages I have been doing. They are great fun and because they are just for me I put in things that mean something to me but probably aren't evident to anyone else. Then I just try to make a pleasing composition. I am having fun exploring different ways...none of which are anything like the current collages seen in the craft magazines!

Collage 010509

Collage 010609

Collage 010709

Collage 010809

Collage 010909

Well, I am off to finish todays...bye


Gerrie said...

But, I wanted to see Jacob's masterpieces!! Love your collages.

Connie said...

I like the CAT! It reminds me of the old blues singers I was listening too last night on Pandora. And Jacob... oh my goodness. Did you get into trouble with Mom? I agree with with Gerrie. I'd like to see what he is doing nowadays.


Anonymous said...

I love the collages. It's something that I just started doing. There are piles of sample quilted things run amuk and well, I thought the best place would be in collage samples. What are you using for your bases?? I tried paper and it curls. Cardboard bubbles and artists canvas is so floppy. And do you use modpoge over the whole thing? Or even to put it together?
Oh dear. Too many questions. So sorry. I think I'd like a playdate with you and Jacob. How about some art incorporating his work? A shared project. That would be so much fun. Keep up the great work. You should write your own book.