Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you, LoieJ

LoieJ wrote the following comment and I thought I would respond:
"I love your work posted here. Also the ones in QA. I don't know enough about "analyzing art" to say exactly why it appeals to  me so much, because I often don't like collage type art. There is something both soothing and contrasting about the elements. Is there something that makes collage work universally? Or is that just a personal thing:"

Thank you LoieJ, for taking the time to drop a note! I am glad you like my work, it has been a lot of fun for me.

The series, In the Woods, came about becausr I frequently take a lot of pictures of trees, especially their tops. When I spent a week up at our cabin without any art to work on, I spent a lot of time just looking at branches and the leaves still hanging on, the pine and fir threes and just the calmness of it all.

When I came home I began this series, first creating screens for printing and then painting fabric. Once I had a bunch of fabric together, I added fusing and then cut out fabric working on 5 x 7 pieces. It is easy for me to work in that size as since the fabric has a lot of texture to it, I don't need big pieces.  Just a few well placed elements seem to make it work.

But the series itself seems calming to me, as you mention.  Al the images are trees and branches and the colors all relate to the earth and woods, and granite which we have a little of but a lot more up at a higher elevation. So, I think that is why is comes together...I really haven't given it much thought before.

The pieces in Quilting Arts were so different as the patterns created were pretty  busy.  Working on these, I found that I needed to follow the same rules of traditional quilting by varying the size of the patterns, the textures, etc. And not too much or it gets overwhelming.

I notice a difference between the new "in the woods" pieces which I thought were going to be a continuation of my California Dreams series but they have become something different. I am using all fabric that has been screened in the woods series whereas with the California Dreams series there is a lot of just dyed fabric with screening over different pieces.

Thank you for asking about this as it has made me stop to think about it.

If you google collage you will find numerous different artists and numerous different ways of doing it. Some I find very appealing and some not so...but this is what makes art so interesting, there is something for everyone.

I think, that in creating art quilts, I have been using a collage method for some time. Certainly using pre-fused fabric lends itself to this. It is also fun to play with. I can work intuitively and try different things while I work.  And the mind is always asking "what if?"

I would just like to make one comment on working intuitively.  I feel that one reaches that point or capability when the knowledge about composition has really seeped in.  Some people seem to absorb it from the air, others need to study it.  I do find that taking the time to write about work that you like and why you like it helps us all to sharpen those skills.


Anonymous said...

In the couple of years that I've come to visit your site, one thing continues to amaze me. Alot of artist choose to ignore in sharing the "how" or "why" in their work. But not Liz. You're love of art and the compassion with which you approach it is humbling. But that you take the time to share with others and answer the many many many questions, why Liz, that shows you are the most compelling type of artist. You encourage everyone to find their own form and give them the clues and hints they need to find their way. Thanks Liz. For all you do for us with those questions.

Judy said...

Hi! Liz,

I haven't been by here for a while and have just pick up on your in the Woods series. Having always enjoyed your work it was great to read your exploration of your approach to collage especially that there are intuitive approaches and the learned approach. Your work has raised my interest selveral times but then I talk myself out of trying to attempt collage.

Your entry today has encouraged me to take another look at collage, study other ways people do it and see if it is something that I might find useful to express my art through. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts.

PAMELA said...

Dear Liz,
I was inspired from your article in QA Feb/Mch09 edition to investigate monoprinting using your method, and trying to obtain additional information (and encouragement) I have discovered your website! You share so much knowledge and provide encouragement to people like me with their "L" plates on....and my revisits to your site will be frequent. THANK YOU for sharing so generously.
Pamela from Sydney, Australia.