Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Playing with Fabric

I guess what I am doing is procratinating...I've checked out Rayna's blog and what Ted Orland has to say...I've read every Quiltart digest that has come my way. I have been doing the quilting on a piece but it is a lot of work since I heavily quilted the design area and now I get to fight with the pouffs all around it to get it smooth. Well, next time I will just fuse it down...thought I would do one without fusing. Oh well.

So, I have pictures of fabric to show you.

The first is a piece of cotton that I painted with blues and greens. It has a little sparkle to it and is really ummmmy. But my favorite is the painted purple and gold to which I added (why I don't know) silver metallic paint (should have been gold) but it is pretty thin so it adds an interesting shimmer to it all. Finally got them ironed after doing them about 3 weeks ago. They both keep the wrinkled look even tho' they are ironed well.

Then I did a little dyeing. Mixed up a bucket of purple and golden yellow and had at it.

The first piece went in to the purple mix...obviously I didn't mix it very well as the fushia struck immediately and gave me dapples...but then it did it on all three pieces so it looks like I sprinkled dye powder over a piece of wet fabric! It was intentional. That's what I love about dyeing, especially the way I do it. I am never quite sure what will come up and that is just fine...interesting things always happen.

The next piece is pole wrapping Liz style which means that it isn't like the way anyone else does it. I wrapped the fabric and then poured purple down one side and the golden yellow down the other.

The last picture is os a piece of yellow fabric that I had previously dyed but I then ironed it into squares, used a couple of large heavy metal washers and clamps and dumped it in to the dye. What fun! Now I have more things to do this way!

So now I am thinking about all the interesting ways I can use these last three fabrics...each of the yellows also has a lot of the purple but you just don't see it in the part I scanned.

I'm thinking/contemplating orbs...with fences marching past them?
Who knows.


Lebatron said...


Check out my recent article, The Famous Pyromania Story.

Debra said...

These are wonderful Liz. I love the last one, but I'll admit I'd be baffled about what to do with it. Curious to see what you come up with.

Rayna said...

Oooh - Lizzie - I LOVE these last two pieces. Can't wait to see how you use 'em.

Gerrie said...

I would probably take the last piece and cut it up and reasemble it in some way - but that is my way of unblocking and looking at a piece in a new way. Anyway they are all gorgeous and I would love to play with them.

Elle said...

Oooo...I really love the last two fabrics. Those circles!!

TALL GIRL said...

i am thrilled to read that you procrastinate, Liz! Marcia and I thought we had the copyright on that...wonderful new fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I love the green fabric on the top. It gives one the feel of summer. And the last piece with the O's. Can't wait to see what you do with that. And look...there's an angel standing between the two O's at the top. Liz's dye angel. And the procrastination issue seems to have hit me here in Canada. I'd rather clean then sew, cause I can't get motivated...sigh.