Monday, May 15, 2006

time to blog again

I figured that I had better get on line with something or I will be kicked off the ring!

Have been really, really busy making some new art work. It is really different from what I have been doing but can't post a picture just yet since I haven't taken any. One piece is actually pieced! hand dyed and black Thai silk. It is wonderful to touch! Another is a larger collaged piece. I have finished one Lutradur piece and have been doing a bunch of postcards. So, should get those posted in a day or two.

Just finished up an interview for Quilter's Newsletter...they will include it in the Meetin' Place section in the October issue.

Also received a wonderful bundle study from Sonji Hunt. It is part of an exchange we are doing...Now I just need to get hers off to her...told her I would today but it really looks like it will go tomorrow. I have been very guilty of fooling around today and not getting much done.

Thought I would give you something to ponder. This is from Matthew Fox in his book, Creativity.

"The liver cleanses and recyles. The artist, too, cleanses, and recycles the toxins in a culture. Artists turn pain into insight and struggle into triumph and darkness into light and ugliness into beauty and forgetfulness into remembering and grief into rejoicing. Artists add awe to awe and beauty to beauty and wonder to wonder. When the liver is healthy, the person is healthy. The artist is to the community or body politic what the liver is to the human body: a cleanser and reclyer of waste and toxins."

Now I thought this was very interesting in light of the conversation that has been ongoing on Art Quilter's Network...Joan Colvin once told me that she didn't think it was really necessary to put all of our angst out there for the public. She felt, and I agree, that we need more beauty in the world. Sometimes putting out public statements about inequities, or life's difficulties is really necessary but I don't know that I really want to share the angst that I have gone through.

Well, it's something to think about!


Anonymous said...

If the angst is compelling enough it manifests itself whether you want it to or not. In the same way that an artist's essence leaves its mark on her work. It is what makes art "art" rather than just pretty pictures or appealing design. Part of it is being compelled to create, to say something, make a statement, etc. The other part is actually having something to say...JMHO of course!

Gerrie said...

Oh, I want to see your new stuff - now!! Very interesting quote from Matthew Fox. I agree about the angst - I woulde just as soon use my art as a counter to the angst - I guess to cleanse my psyche to open my life to other possibilities.

cfent said...

great quote. how true...