Monday, May 29, 2006

Pictures for inspiration

So we will start out today with a beautiful picture of one of the falls at Yosemite National Park. We went up on Friday with our daughter and her family. We stayed just overnight and went around taking pictures and having a nice break. Lots of clouds and lots of water.

I don't remember which falls is on the left but the one on the right is Yosemite Falls. Last week the flooding crested and the water was not coming down quite as much as previously but it was a beautiful spectacle!

And what would Yosemite be without a picture of Half Dome?
And a picture of El Capitan.

And Mother's Day pictures to boot! On Mother's Day we went with my daughter and her family to the beach in Alameda where Jacob had a great time playing in the sand and the water!

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Gerrie said...

Jacob looks like a real beach bum!! Love the Yosemite photos - oooh!