Tuesday, March 28, 2006

lots of pictures!

This is a photo of a joshua tree in the Tehachipi Mountains in southern California taken as we whizzed by on our way home.
And these are three pictures of the wind generators along the Altamont Pass about 20 miles from where we live, also on our way home. The sky was beautiful in its stormy state.

This is the piece I will be donating for the reverse auction at Fiber Art for a Cause to raise money for the American Cancer Society. You can find information about this at Virginia Spiegel's web site. It is 18" x 22".

It is a piece done with disperse dyes on to polyester...don't let poly fool you...it feels exactly like silk and acts just as slippery.

This is a piece that is really square and that I am in the process of quilting via small zig zag stitching around all of the shapes. This is also small....16" x 19"

And this is a piece in progress. I am using the fabrics I dyed a month ago. I also use Esterita Austin's Misty Fuse which I really like. I have ordered a large sheet of teflon that will be 72" x 36" so that I can iron the fusing on in large pieces and not have to pull off the teflon and then iron some more. I am having a lot of fun with this piece figuring out what to do next, cutting out little pieces, pulling out more colors and watching it grown. So far it is about 33" x 37"...if I give it water and food, I'm sure it will grow some more.

On Friday I will see my college room mate (another artist) when she flies in...I'll pick her up at the airport and we can visit for about three hours and then I return her to the airport so she can catch the van to her conference. But...I'm not done yet! I then pick up Gerrie Congdon who is flying in from Portland for Art Quilt Claremont where we are both taking a class from Jane Dunnewold. I had initially planned to be a day student since I live about 20 minutes from the Hotel Claremont. But then I started thinking about how tired I get and that I would be coming home after dinner and need to be there before breakfast...so I decided to get a room and asked for a room mate...Gerrie had also asked for a room mate and when I found out it was her I was very excited and emailed her right away.

I am very fond on Gerrie. Several years ago we were both in an Empty Spools seminar with Nikki Bonnet. When Nikki came in to the classroom, Gerrie asked to see the class list and then commented that "Liz Berg is in the class!" I didn't have a clue as to who she was and she obviously didn't know me in person, just my work. That was the first time someone had heard of me. So, being sly, I asked her how she knew Liz Berg and she replied that she was a great fiber artist whose work was just wonderful. Well, with my head in the clouds, I had to admit that I was she...what fun! She sure made my day!


Diane Perin said...

That's a great story, Liz. But you should not be surprised when people rave about your work...it is wonderful. I really like your squares!

Debra said...

I love the new work. That turquoise one is exquisite.. and the piece in progress? Those tiny slips of deep fuschia just make it.

Gerry is a great room mate... you will enjoy yourself. I may just have to drive down there to say hi to you guys.

Gerrie said...

I'm counting the days until I see you in Oakland!! Yeah!!! And you wer then and still are a great quilt artist!!

Frances said...

oh Liz what a lovely little story, Gerrie is doing a count down on her blog, you will both have a great time, lucky people,

I like the new work, beautiful as always,

Elle said...

I love the colors on the reverse auction piece. Beautiful pieces.

Sonji Hunt said...

Liz, where do you get a piece of teflon that large. I gotta get one! BTW...you know the work is candy! Yum.